Snow White and the Prince
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About Snow White and the Prince

Once upon a time and happily ever after meet on the LECOM Stage in January, with Snow White and the Prince, our second Youtheatre show of the season. Based on the classic story by the Brothers Grimm, this new musical premiered in Fort Worth, Texas in 2014, and was written by Mark Friedman and Janet Yates Vogt. This version is a fresh, new approach to the story of a lovely and clever princess, Snow White (Katie Berlin), who lives in the shadow of her vain and evil stepmother, the Queen (Vanessa Nolan). Stroking the Queen’s ego is her witty and slightly sarcastic mirror (Shane Dexter). The night of Snow White’s Birthday Ball starts as a magical event, as she finds her dreams coming true with Prince Philippe (Ben LaRiccia), but ends with the queen plotting to send Snow White to the dungeons. Her plan is overheard by Snow White’s dedicated and faithful nursemaid (Tobeigh Ingram) who helps her escape into the night. Out in the woods, Snow White comes across seven Dwarves (Mandy Berlin, Nathan Christman, Emma Conti-Windle, Jyleek Evans, Karlee Kerchansky, SaNae Stephens, Ella Work) who invite Snow White to stay with them. As is tradition, Prince Philippe searches for Snow White, and finds her cursed by an apple, from which he wakes her with true love’s kiss. With the Dwarves at their sides, Snow White and Philippe storm the castle, and with help from the mirror, defeat the queen. Of course, they all live happily ever after! Additional cast is made up of servants, guards, woodland creatures, and royal subjects, consisting of over 50 of Erie’s young people, including 16 that are new to our Youtheatre program! The talented ensemble is under the direction of Domenic Del Greco, with Kate Neubert-Lechner as Assistant Director/ Choreographer, and music direction by Rhonda Berlin. Additional production credits go to Christine Daugherty for set and lighting design and costumes by Ryan Ingram.


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