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What is the annual Arts & Culture Campaign?

This is our community's Campaign, and one of 48 remaining United Arts Funds in the United States, for advancing the arts and culture in our region. Through your gift you help:

  • Make our Region a Destination
    A vibrant arts community is vital in attracting visitors, employees, businesses, and talent.
    In 2012, more than two-thirds of American adult travelers say they included a cultural, arts, heritage, or historic activity/event while on a trip 50 miles or more.
  • Deepen our Roots
    Build a vibrant community! Individuals who engage in arts and cultural activities--artists, volunteers, attendees of a fair or festival--build a more positive and connected community outlook.
  • Bridge Cultural Divides
    Arts and cultural activities celebrate our community's vibrant people and reflect all races and ethnicities building a greater understanding and appreciation for one another.
  • Enliven Neighborhoods
    Arts and cultural organizations are vital hubs that bond neighbors, celebrate local heritage, and build relationships that support local business and foster civic pride.
  • Fuel Creativity and Learning
    Arts and cultural experiences transform education by enhancing the learning process across all curriculum and developing essential skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
    In a survey by the Conference Board, 72 of those employers say they can't find people with the creative skills they seek.


A donation to the community's Arts & Culture Campaign supports multiple arts and cultural activities and organizations with just one gift.

How far does $1 go?

  • 60% provides operational funding to cherished cultural assets: Erie Art Museum, Historical Society of Erie County, Erie Playhouse, Erie Philharmonic, expERIEnce Children's Museum, and Erie Maritime Museum/US Brig Niagara
  • 10% is added to revenue from the Erie Arts Endowment to support grants for more than 51 arts and cultural projects throughout Erie County
  • 25% supports Erie Arts & Culture's work to strengthen and unite the creative energy of our region
  • 5% is allocated to Campaign costs that help unite donors and mobilize funding for arts and culture organizations and activities

How Do I Make My Gift?

Make your tax-deductible gift to the Arts & Culture Campaign online or download a printable form and mail your contribution to

Arts & Culture Campaign
c/o Erie Arts & Culture
23 West 10th Street, Suite 2
Erie, PA 16501                                      

*Checks can be made payable to Erie Arts & Culture                                                                          



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One gift. Great Impact for our local economy.
Supporting the arts supports our local economy. An average visitor with a ticket to an Erie County arts and cultural event spends an estimated additional $32.07 on food, lodging and souvenirs! Last year, the total spending in the Erie region by non-profit arts and culture organizations and their audiences was over $18 million; this translates to 637 jobs in our community, contributing to increased revenue for our local and state government, which in turn helps our region prosper.  By making a donation, you truly are contributing to a better community for all who call the Erie region home!
One gift. Great impact for lifelong learning.
The arts provide lifelong learning. The arts teach our children critical skills for success. Adults engaging in the arts remain active and engaged. According to research done by the National Endowment for the Arts, students with high arts engagement are three times more likely to earn a bachelor's degree compared to those with low arts engagement!  Erie Arts & Culture Project Grants have funded initiatives that develop and strengthen the creative process for our youth, including projects like Art & Industry and Grow Up Great with the Arts in Erie.  Your donation directly helps to fund Erie Arts & Culture Project Grants, allowing the opporutnitiy for funding for these  and many other projects!
One gift. Great impact for our community.
Arts and cultural experiences help us honor our history and promote the people, places and products that make the Erie region unique. Erie boasts a symphony orchestra more than a century old and is home port to Pennsylvania’s flagship, sailing the Great Lakes as proud ambassador to our heritage.
Our region's children can expERIEnce creative and imaginative play at a museum built just for them, and can engage locally in theatre done for them, by others their age.  Local neighborhoods are being re-vitalized and re-energized through mural projects that are bringing the people of those communities together to be a part of something greater.  When you make a donatino to Erie Arts & Culture, you truly help build a brighter tomorrow for our region! 
One gift. Great impact for collaboration.
Arts and cultural activities are opportunities for residents to connect and engage with one another making us a stronger and more resilient community and providing a better quality of life for us all. Erie Arts & Culture is the backbone for connecting local organizations with new resources to make a greater impact on all those who call our region home.  Whether it is connecting teaching artists to classrooms or senior centers for a residency program, to convening other industry sectors together for projects that benefit residents of our region, to proposing new ways to engage and connect with one another, Erie Arts & Culture is your catalyst for collaboration.  When you make a donation to Erie Arts & Culture, that dollar does so much more than just support one program--it helps support an entire community! You become a part of the collective voice for a vibrant region!

Upcoming Funded Events

Lake Erie Sound Open Rehearsals

We love a casual night of singing each week, and we welcome anyone interested to come check us out! Tuesday nights at the Jefferson Education Society (32nd and State St), starting around 7:30pm until about 9:30pm.

Recent Online Donors

  • Mr. and Mrs. James F. Toohey
  • Bill and Maryann Flaherty
  • Marco Monsalve
  • Carol Gettinger
  • Eugene Connell
  • Matthew Sherr
  • Gail Sollman
  • Vincent J. Stefanelli
  • Leo Swantek
  • John Baber
  • Kathleen Sivillo
  • Kimberly A. Clear
  • Rich Scarpino
  • George Willis
  • Lisa Groh
  • Christine Gerlock
  • Paul Leroux
  • Holly Nowak
  • Holly Dhaliwal
  • barbara chaffee
  • Joyce Miller
  • Emma Cherico
  • Susan Boland
  • Albert Richardson
  • Lyman Cohen
  • Donna Douglass
  • Craig Casler
  • Jason Brendel
  • Joyce Ann Miller
  • Donna Douglass
  • Denise Kolivoski
  • Joyce Miller
  • Anna Frantz
  • Tim Lewis
  • Leo Gallina
  • James Toohey
  • Leo Swantek
  • Donna Douglass
  • Donna Douglass
  • Carol Gettinger
  • heather rebuck
  • Jeffery McKeon
  • Laura Gooley
  • Barbara Hauck
  • Wendy Austin
  • Tammy Connelly
  • danny jones
  • Kent Sivillo
  • Nicole Grzelak
  • Holly Nowak
  • Holly Nowak
  • Erin Wincek
  • Jessie Collura
  • James Wnek
  • Holly Nowak
  • Judy Bloeser
  • Joyce Ann Miller
  • Nadia Carlin
  • Jessica Yochim
  • Colleen Stumpf
  • James Dible
  • Stephen Porter
  • Richard Scaletta
  • George Willis
  • William Scholz
  • Peter Kraus
  • Jeffrey McKeon
  • Carol Gettinger
  • Chi-Houng Lu
  • Kent Sivillo
  • Matthew Wilson
  • Barbara Chaffee
  • Beth Nicoson
  • Dorothy Kloss
  • Paul Wojcik
  • Matthew Gustafson
  • Paula Garczynski
  • James Brooks
  • Ehren Knapp
  • James Toohey
  • Lyman Cohen
  • Donna Douglass
  • Robert R Iddings
  • Amanda Kochirka
  • Patricia Molten
  • Nicole Sgueglia
  • Jim Cible
  • Monica Masterson
  • Marjorie Masse
  • Jim & Judy Dible
  • Larry M. Sawdy
  • United Way of Erie County
  • Dean & Monica Piccirillo
  • Jim & Kathy Scheider
  • Emma Sue Cherico
  • Mr. & Mrs. Roger Zurn
  • Tom & Fran New

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The mission of Erie Arts & Culture is to strengthen the vibrancy and vitality of the Erie Region and enrich the lives of our people through the advancement of arts and culture.
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