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Artists as well as arts and culture organizations are essential to the health and vitality of the Erie region. Arts and cultural activities help us express our identity, build understanding and unite our community, making this a great place to live and an ideal destination for visitors. Arts and cultural institutions and programs promote educational engagement and achievement, health and well-being, creativity and innovation, appreciation for our history, architectural beauty, folk culture and other important life skills and values. A vibrant arts and cultural sector is a key ingredient in business and employee attraction and retention and an asset in attracting students to our schools and universities.

In 2010, Erie County’s Cultural Plan was completed, outlining strategies for strengthening our cultural resources and identifying priorities for leveraging arts and culture as tools for building prosperity, vitality, creativity and community. In 2015, the Destination Erie Regional Master Plan endorsed implementation of the cultural plan as the top priority for strengthening the region through the advancement of arts and culture. Through these efforts residents passionate about arts and culture have helped to shape a shared vision for the arts and cultural sector to guide us on the road ahead.

Erie County residents want to live in a region where:

  • Flagship Niagara Crew - Erie Arts & CultureArts, culture and heritage are celebrated for their contributions to our community and regional identity, vitality and prosperity.

  • Arts, cultural and heritage activities are accessible to all. They celebrate and promote change and understanding of the Erie Region’s past and present, as well as its rich cultural diversity.

  • Hubs of cultural vitality exist in downtown Erie and in communities throughout the region, linked through robust communications and collaborations, to each other, and to schools and other community institutions.

  • Information about arts, cultural and heritage activities is widely available through easily accessible web, media and social networking sources.

  • All youth have access to arts, cultural and heritage learning opportunities because they are integrated into Pre K-12 core curriculum and are available in community settings. College and university arts training programs are sustained and strengthened.

  • The Erie Region retains and becomes a “magnet” for young, talented creative individuals, because of its cultural opportunities, support and quality of life.

  • Artists and creators are successful entrepreneurs whose work and presence is valued and sustained in our region.

  • Arts, cultural and heritage organizations build sustainability through growing participation in their activities, strong public and private financial support and the commitment and capacity of board and staff.

  • The Erie region has fostered its international ties through artistic and cultural exchanges that enrich the region and reflect the presence of immigrants and global business relationships.

To achieve this vision, Erie Arts & Culture works as a backbone organization, encouraging collaborations and aligned activities, building public will and participation, mobilizing resources, advancing public policy and measuring the health and impact of the sector. Contact us to share your ideas or to highlight your organization’s successes in helping to implement the Erie County Cultural Plan.

Click Here to Download Erie County's Cultural Plan (Complete)

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Get in touch with us to share your ideas for the Erie County Cultural Plan.

The mission of Erie Arts & Culture is to strengthen the vibrancy and vitality of the Erie Region and enrich the lives of our people through the advancement of arts and culture.
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