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Erie Arts & Culture works with local partners like Erie Vital Signs and national organizations including Americans for the Arts to measure the health and impact of the arts and cultural sector and compare it with other regions across the United States. Together, we are collecting and analyzing data using the Urban Institute’s definition of cultural vitality as "a community's evidence of creating, disseminating, validating, and supporting arts and culture as a dimension of everyday life."

Three main factors contributing to our cultural vitality are:

  1. The presence of opportunities for cultural participation.
  2. Participation of residents and visitors in cultural opportunities.
  3. Support to the local arts and cultural sector through financial gifts and volunteerism.

The community indicators reported under the Cultural Vitality section of the Erie Vital Signs website gauge presence, participation and support. Visit to learn more.

Arts & Economic Prosperity Study (2016)

The nonprofit arts and culture industry generates $42.2 million in annual economic activity in Erie County - supporting 672 full-time equivalent jobs and generating $3.9 million in local and state government revenues, according to the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 national economic impact study.

Download the full Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 report for Erie County, PA

Download the one-page summary for the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 report for Erie County, PA

Download the one-page summary for the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 report for Pennsylvania

Get Involved

Strengthening our cultural vitality requires us all. Providers of arts and cultural activities, goods and services are challenged to build efficient practices, collaborate and raise the level of accessibility and quality of their craft. Investors are strategic with their investments helping to sustain our cultural assets and honor the people, places and stories that make us unique, while supporting emerging artists and encouraging innovative experiences. Finally, residents and visitors have the duty to participate – visit a museum, attend a performance, schedule a tour, enroll in a class and buy local products. Join. Support. Participate. Together, we create a vibrant community!

Help build a vibrant Erie community, contact us to learn how.

The mission of Erie Arts & Culture is to strengthen the vibrancy and vitality of the Erie Region and enrich the lives of our people through the advancement of arts and culture.
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