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A Little About Donna Little
Visual artist Donna Kissinger-Little specializes in metalsmithing. Her work has been featured in exhibitions throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio for over 15 years. The creative process is a personal endeavor for Donna. As she puts it, "I make art in an attempt to communicate my observations, feelings, and insights to others." Donna's residencies involve pewter casting, fabricating, forging and forming sheet metal. The residencies teach a variety of techniques and strategies of design to help students create their own metal object. In addition to teaching the basics of metalsmithing, her residencies are geared to integrate concepts of science, math, history and environmental issues.
Mission Statement
During my residency, the students are led through a series of exercises that allow them to design their own original piece of art. These exercises can use drawing skills of any level. Developing a plan to create a design in metal requires the students to think ahead and problem solve. The processes used in the residency may include gravity casting with pewter, copper repouss?, sheet metal fabrication, and/or forging. Design development and metal working processes can be applied to math, science, history and/or language skills. The finished product can be an individual, small scale piece for each student or a collaborative, large scale piece that can be installed in the school or other public space.

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