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Award-winning mosaic artist Edward Grout has been working in the fine arts for more than 26 years and specifically as a glass artist for more than 24 years. During that time he has amassed a wealth of original work and has completed many art commissions, both public and private. Ed works in all stages of glass work – including hot glass, fusing, kiln forming and off-hand glass techniques. “I make art as a way in which I may speak aloud to and with others about those things of a spiritual or social nature which move me,” Ed says. Among the ideas that move and inspire him most is the idea of myth -- its place in modern society and the human impulse to create it. “Thinkers of many different disciplines have found that myth represents an absolute truth and affords insight into the indescribable realities of the soul,” he elaborates. “It is within the domain of art that contemporary mythology will most likely be expressed.” Reflecting this attitude, Ed’s work makes use of archetypal imagery, symbols and elemental concepts.
Collage, Craft, Experimental/New, Glass, Installation, Murals, Painting, Photography, Public Art, Sculpture

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