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Gyan Tamang Ghising  Mission Statement
A Little About Gyan Tamang Ghising
Gyan Tamang was born in Bhutan in 1983 from mother Phul Maya Tamang and father Pema Dorje Tamang . When he was just 10 years old he fled from the country with his parents escaping from the arm force regulated by the tyrannical government of Bhutan in 1990 to Eastern Nepal (Maidhar and Beldangi ) . He lived there and spent his life as refugee for 20 years . He learned music dance ,drama and creative articles on writing and painting while he was in primary middle and high schools . He graduated his bacholer degree in sociology and enthropology from Tribhuwan University of Biratnagar Nepal and later he became a founder and principal of his own private boarding school in Sindhuli Nepal.He came to America in 2011.He started his first job in America as an interpreter and cashier at the MCRC and Shell Gas Station. Later he met with Kelly Armor an education and folk arts director of Erie Art Museum in 2013 ,and had Oppertunities to take a training in early childhood education in Old Song New Opportunities class. He was excepted by the North Western Pennsylvania Artists Roster as a teaching artist in 2014 . He did his multiples shows and participation in different functions in communities program as artist ,in schools and churches in teaching about south Asian Folk arts cultures traditions ,language and music . He is skilful in playing Bamboo flutes Nepal traditional drums( madal ) and guitar . residency teaching artist roster . He played flute and made some traditional drums for school age kids and worked with different recreational activities with children in Erie and Oil city. He is a great flutist and a singer too. He learned painting while he was refugee . He is self taught artist. He knows about the hardship of life and the experience of it to change the hardship into a new beginning of beautiful life. He is also a song coach in Old Song New Opportunities run through Erie Art Museum since 2013.He is a great story teller and intertainer to all adult and children .
Mission Statement
One of his goal is to make an American children learn about South Asian culture,music ,foods and share each other's culture with differences and feel the similarities as brothers and sisters of globe .His main aims by teaching his folk arts to the learners in America is to make America a rich in culture in diversity .
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