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Kathe is primarily a sculptor who focuses on the abstract forms in her subjects as the main vehicle for carrying her aesthetic vision. She thinks of herself as a poet and story teller who uses the visual arts to carry her message. The immediate sensual quality of clay is something she responds to. She says that the tactile aspect of the medium and the visual information of her subjects work in unison to form visual poetry. Of visual language she says that in order for someone to express spiritual or abstract thoughts, one must first have a universal context in which to express it.  She uses animals for this context because they are shared by everybody, reflect the human condition, and resemble human beings in many ways-we relate to animals on many levels and animals have played significant roles in human history and culture- they are rich with implications. She was raised in the home of a Bauhaus architect and functional potter. "Capture the true essence of a thing" and "form follows function" were ideas that greatly influenced her.  
Ceramics, Sculpture

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