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“The more my daughter worked with the artists, the more I saw her open up
and accept something new. She got to experience diversity and think about life in a bigger way.”

Parent of a student engaged in an Erie Arts & Culture Artist Residency

Why is Arts Education Important?

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The arts change the learning experience and transform the learning environment.

When well taught, the arts provide people with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies.  The learning experiences are real and meaningful for those who participate. 

The Arts Help Students...

  • Build 21st Century Learning Skills which prepare our youth for a global workforce
  • Communicate intention and receive and offer constructive criticism
  • Listen actively to questions, ideas, and solutions
  • Collaborate to reach a goal
  • Look at problems in a new way
  • Enhance critical thinking
  • Link learning across subjects and disciplines
  • Develop a capacity for perseverance, as barriers turn into opportunities

How Does It Make a Difference?

Research shows that arts in Education programs help participants succeed in:

  • School- Students involved in the arts are 4 times more likely to participate in a math and science fair, 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance, and 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.
  • Work- The capacity to innovate is a top skill ranked by chief executives for professional success across the globe.
  • Life- Arts Education facilitates cross-cultural understanding in an increasingly global and culturally diverse world and inspires individuals to make positive life-altering choices. 

The Arts Education Partnership reports that students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, English language learners, and students with special needs—often underserved in public schools—show the greatest relative improvement in academic achievement when participating in the arts. 

According to the Arts in Education Partnership’s report entitled Preparing Students for the Next America, The Benefits of an Arts Education, “Creativity is among the top ranking of “in demand” qualities. 65% of Americans believe that creativity is central to the U.S.'s role as a global leader. 97% of business leaders agreed that creativity is of increasing importance in the workplace. However, 85% of employers seeking creative candidates had trouble finding qualified applicants.”

Become Involved in Arts in Education:

The mission of Erie Arts & Culture is to strengthen the vibrancy and vitality of the Erie Region and enrich the lives of our people through the advancement of arts and culture.
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