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"With every residency, I have seen how the arts are a great equalizer. The kids have so many differences (in regular classes) and in this project they are all performing at the same level. One child has had to have support and modifications for everything we do; I saw that child helping coach and support a gifted student."

Second Grade Teacher 
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Learning Lab - Erie Arts & CultureErie Arts & Culture launched an ambitious and innovative arts-integration project called Art in Action in fall 2010. One of 23 organizations funded, by a U.S. Department of Education, $1.2M for the Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination grant. This four-year project integrated dance, music, visual arts and drama into existing curriculum to enhance the quality of teaching in the classroom, as well as student academic achievement and engagement in the learning process.

The project provided arts infusion activities to more than 500 students in 20+ classrooms involving more than 50 artists and teaching professionals. Students used digital tools to strengthen their reading and writing skills, produced creative movement pieces to represent multiplication and division problems, and created a theatrical performance from a story book as an exercise in reading comprehension and story development. Teachers and artists worked together to develop lessons exploring how various art forms could be sources of engagement and learning to enhance their core curriculum and evaluated the impact of their work.

What Every Parent Should Know provides a summary of what we learned through the project. Erie Arts & Culture uses these findings to promote arts integration and infusion as effective approaches to increase the engagement and academic achievement of all students. Contact Arts Education Program Director at (814) 452-3427 for more information on how professional development and artist residencies can be used as tools for schools interested in integrating the arts throughout their curriculum.

Research finds connections between community-based arts education and a greater understanding of others, tolerance, and openness to collaboration. The National Guild for Community Arts Education is Developing Leaders, Strengthening Organizations, and Advocating for Community Arts Organizations.

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The mission of Erie Arts & Culture is to strengthen the vibrancy and vitality of the Erie Region and enrich the lives of our people through the advancement of arts and culture.
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