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The TEDxErie Artist Commission invites local artists to submit up to two design concepts and work samples for consideration in creating a stage installation for the November 4, 2017 event at the McDowell Little Theater. The Artist Commission includes a $3,000 award, and the final artwork will reflect the theme for the upcoming event, Bridges Over Barriers.

Like other creatives on the TEDxErie team, the selected artist will contribute skill and experience, but like a speaker, delves deeply into exploring an "idea worth spreading." Instead of using the spoken word - although we want the artist to share how the installation, their work and philosophy reflects this year's theme at the TEDxErie event - the artist will use a visual language to express and engage his or her idea with the audience before, during and after the event. Artists are change agents, envisioning the future and addressing issues and ideas in new ways. Because they are experts in problem solving and encouraging others to respond and interact, they are valuable community members and collaborators.

Download the TEDxErie Artist Commission Application Guidelines and/or APPLY NOW.

Local performers are invited to submit an application and work samples for consideration to perform at the 2017 Bridges Over Barriers. Two performers will be selected based on the quality of their original work and how well it best reflects the TEDx mission of Ideas Worth Spreading. An additional musical performer is sought to manage transitions between speakers and possibly to perform during the intermission.

Performers can make a bold statement with their act, or can simply be a beautiful “palate cleanser” for the audience between more serious talks. This is also an opportunity to highlight the incredible artistry that comes from our community!

Download the TEDxErie Performers Application Guidelines and/or APPLY NOW.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Applications must be submitted online by August 9, 2017 for consideration. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Paper copies of the application will not be accepted. 

Examples of stage installations from TEDxMtHood.

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