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Erie Arts & Culture is Now Seeking a New Development & Marketing Manager

Friday Jun 30th, 2023

Erie Arts and Culture is currently seeking to fill the position of a Development & Marketing Manager. To learn more about this amazing opportunity, read this informative article. 

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2024 Lydia McCain Artist Fellowship

Tuesday Jun 27th, 2023

2024 Lydia McCain Artist Fellowship: Now accepting applications through August 31!!

Erie Arts & Culture recognizes individual artistic achievement and potential through its annual Lydia McCain Artist Fellowship program, which provides unrestricted funding to three artists from Erie County. The Fellowship helps individual artists sustain or enhance their creative process and advance their career in the arts. The fellowship program uses three artist categories: Emerging ($2,000), Mid-Career ($3,500), and Established ($5,500). 

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EAC Tuesday New American Highlight: New American Gardeners

Tuesday Jun 27th, 2023

Erie Arts & Culture is proud to present this week's Tuesday New American Entrepreneurial Highlight! Claudine Niyogushimwa and Jeanine Ahonga graciously accepted an opportunity to interview 5 local New Americans to paint a beautiful picture of how they are able to bring the inclusivity and sense of community from their native African soil to their newfound neighborhoods. 

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EAC Friday Feature: Ashley Pastore

Friday Jun 23rd, 2023

Erie Arts & Culture is proud to present this week's Friday Feature! Ashley Pastore (@ashypastore), founder of Grounded Print + Papershop(@groundedprintshop), uses her strong sense of nostalgic, spacial awareness, and a subconscious investigative approach to inspire all of those who are able to witness her work. As a participant of this year's Views Festival, she contributed her talents for visual graphics to the Erie collective.

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Views: The Wrap-Up Press Release

Wednesday Jun 21st, 2023

Erie Arts and Culture reflects on the first year of the Views Festival.

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Celebrating World Refugee Day 2023: Introducing our New Directory!

Sunday Jun 18th, 2023

June 20th is World Refugee Day, an international celebration of the strength and resilience of those who have fled conflict and persecution.

Erie is home to thousands of former refugees, many of whom have become naturalized citizens. Former refugees are an important part of Erie’s economic engine and have helped stabilized population decline. Erie Arts & Culture is proud to publish an updated directory of small businesses owned by former refugees.

Visiting one of the restaurants or markets is great introduction to cultures outside of your own. Supporting any of them invests in Erie’s local businesses.


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EAC Friday Feature: Mz Icar

Friday Jun 16th, 2023

Erie Arts & Culture is proud to present this week's Friday Feature! This week, we were able to learn more about Mz. Icar (@mz.icar). In their own word, "Mz. Icar is an anonymous art collective, comprised primarily of Black Women. Our name is racIzM, backward. We were established in 2018. Our members comprise of an Illustrator, Photographer, Designer, Prop stylist, Street Artist, and Collage Artist. We started this collective to create works that celebrate Women, Global Blackness, and Play. We create narratives in the form of mixed-media street art and fine art that explore histories and imagine the best case scenario future from the perspective of women and people of color." I had a wonderful time learning more about this enigmatic team for this week's interview, as they also contributed an eye-catching mural for this year's Views Festival!!

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EAC Tuesday New American Highlight: New Skills

Sunday Jun 11th, 2023

Erie Arts & Culture is proud to present this week's Tuesday New American Entrepreneurial Highlight! New Skills provides an opportunity for collaboration, learning, and communication between a classroom of receptive students and a few amazing artists that are ready to demonstrate a wealth of culture and expression inspired by their native origins. With the participation of both parties, eye-opening dialogue leads to profound insights.

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EAC Friday Feature: Raina Harden

Friday Jun 9th, 2023

Erie Arts & Culture is proud to present this week's Friday Feature! Raina Harden is a young, driven, and passionate artist who is ready to take the world by storm with her creations. Inspired at a young age by her father, she has pursued this path of artistry for a greater part of her life and shows no signs of slowing down. By the way, she will also be participating in the VIEWS Festival this month!

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EAC Tuesday New American Highlight: Early Learning

Tuesday Jun 6th, 2023

Erie Arts & Culture is proud to present this week's Tuesday New American Entrepreneurial Highlight! Early Learning is providing the young hearts and souls with development and experiences that will enable them to learn about new cultures that they may not have ever had the opportunity to learn of first-hand. With contributions by driven New Americans to Erie, we will explore what motivates Amrita Magar (who is Bhutanese Nepali), Clarisse Amani (who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo), and Nibal Abd El Karim (who is from Palestine).

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EAC Friday Feature: Christina Wolfe

Friday Jun 2nd, 2023

Erie Arts & Culture is proud to present this week's Friday Feature! Christina Wolfe (@wolf_e25). A very talented visual artist, Christina has found a way to express her innermost thoughts and feelings through various mediums. Striving to be as genuine as possible, she's always had a special knack for coloring "outside the lines". I had the opportunity to learn more about this artist. She's also going to be apart of the Views Festival!

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Creative Sector Flex Fund: Info Session

Thursday Jun 1st, 2023

Erie Arts & Culture is excited to introduce the Creative Sector Flex Fund (CSFF), a new grant program through the Pennyslvania Council on the Arts. The $5,000 grants are unrestricted and designed to address the changing needs of dynamic arts organizations located in Erie, Crawford, Warren, Venango, Mercer, and Lawrence counties with average annual revenues between $10,000 - $200,000. 

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