Designing Creative Communities that Build Belonging with Spud Marshall

Thursday Feb 10th, 2022

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Designing Creative Communities that Build Belonging with Spud Marshall

Feb 24 at 6 PM (virtual)

Please join EAC for a PRO Network webinar with host Spud Marshall on Feb 24 at 6 PM on Zoom! All those who register for the Zoom are automatically entered to win a free copy of Spud's book, "Designing Creative Communities: Your Community is Your Canvas: Learn How to Make Your Mark."

We all want to be a part of a thriving community. But it can be challenging to meaningfully contribute to the places where we live, work, learn and play. Whether you dream of launching a community innovation center, want to enhance your town with colorful murals, or are simply looking to strengthen relationships with your neighbors, this presentation will introduce you to a simple process for how you can lead change from the bottom-up in your community. You'll learn about the CANVAS Framework which can serve as a simple guide on your own efforts for how to craft compelling visions, engage community members, and launch creative prototypes that lead to lasting change.

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Spud Marshall is a social entrepreneur, creative community builder, and lover of fog machines. He is the founder of My Creative Community, which supports groups in designing engaging experiences for their communities. He has worked alongside organizations ranging from the Sullivan Foundation and Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, to the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Teach for America.

In 2021, he published ‘Designing Creative Communities’ and the ‘Creative Communities Field Guide’ which helps readers meaningfully contribute to the places where they live, work, learn and play. The books coach emerging leaders and community members alike through a simple process for how to transform their town into a creative place to call home.

He has founded numerous community ventures, including 3 Dots Downtown, a community arts and innovation event center; the, a 20-person intentional community for young changemakers; and New Leaf Initiative, a dedicated co-working and collaboration center.

He has been honored as a Knight Foundation Emerging Cities Champion, listed as one of the top millennial civic leaders in the country, and been featured as one of the Foremost Under 40 Business Leaders in central Pennsylvania. Spud has a Masters in Strategic Sustainability Leadership and a pretty spectacular failure resume (reach out if you’re interested). He currently resides in State College, Pennsylvania with his wife, loyal dog, and curious cat. To view his most recent projects and to explore ways to partner with Spud, visit or email him at [email protected].



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