EAC Friday Feature: Davina Pacley

Friday Sep 2nd, 2022


10 Questions with Davina Pacley

Davina Pacley

-written by Nat Richmond

A woman's virtue in her own abilities holds a value that far outweighs that of the rarest diamonds. When a woman feels at her best, she becomes irrefutably unforgettable and undeniably unstoppable. Davina Pacley is using her own life's experiences and wisdom to inspire her Queen colony of fans to reach down deep and pull out a resiliency that they didn't know was there. Through her company, Divinely Crown'd, the goal is to create lifelong, solid foundations within women of all shapes, sizes, colors, and creeds to exalt themselves through practices of self-love and appreciation. 

What inspired you to pursue your dreams where Fashion is concerned?

I have always loved fashion. I was first ever inspired by my mom because she was always into fashion and into retail. All my siblings have a passion for fashion as well. So It’s just something I feel like I was born into and grew up loving.

What does it mean to Slay? How does a person harness their confidence?

To me, slaying means to be able to put your items together in a way that looks like Art. I’ve adopted the idea that Fashion is a form of Art. I feel like when a person slays, they are looking like a unique walk of art in the way they are dressed from head to toe. I personally feel like the way for someone to harness their confidence, is by first having self-love. I believe that confidence comes from first learning to love who you are as a person unapologetically. That is what helps you to be able to embrace your own style. One of my favorites quotes when it comes to fashion is,” Confidence is my favorite accessory”. I feel like people sometimes notice your confidence before they notice your outfit. From person experience I feel as though when I started having confidence in myself people noticed my style more.

How do you describe your fashion sense?

I feel that my fashion sense and style is always evolving which I love. I grew up a bit insecure with low self-esteem, because I was considered a plus sized girl. It wasn’t until I got older, had my daughter, and wanted to be a positive role model to her when it comes to self-love, that I was able to embrace my size body and what I wear more. I always try to wear what makes me feel the best about myself and some days I go off my mood or how I may be feeling that day.

Why do you feel that plus sized women have somewhat of a negative stigma in the fashion world?

I feel that times have changed a lot when it comes to being plus size. When I was younger being a plus sized woman wasn’t really embraced. But as the years have gone by, I do feel that there has been a shift. I feel that society once told women that they had to be thinner in order to be considered beautiful. It showed in the models they used in advertisements, shows, and magazines. It was mostly thinner framed women that were the beauty standard. Growing up, I was always the bigger girl, the curvier girl so that was discouraging and thats where my insecurities came from. But, over the past years, plus sized women have become more positively promoted. They show us more in a good light. It’s now more about body positivity, and society seems to be more accepting that women come in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful in their own way.

What inspired you to start Divinely Crown’d

Besides always wanting to find more ways to be a positive light to people, DivinelyCROWN’D first started as “DivinelyPlus” which was my Instagram social media name. I wanted to show plus size women that they could embrace their size and slay their own way with fashion. As time went on, I realized that women of all sizes were inspired by me to embrace their confidence. At that time, I decided I wanted to change the name to something that would encourage women to embrace the Queens with in themselves, because I do feel that all women are Queens in their own right and their life is their own personal Queendom. Which is also why the DivinelyCROWN’D slogan is “Crowned for the Queendom.” I was also inspired by the fact that I noticed most of the brands that I came across locally when it came to fashion were created by males, Such as Dotigan, Reds 11, SoThird Official to name a few. I wanted to create a brand as woman that would inspire other women in a positive way. I even reached out and got advice from the creators of those brands when I was first was working on creating DivinelyCROWN’D and they were all very helpful. My goal with DivinelyCROWN’D is just to simply inspire women to have self-love and confidence through faith, lifestyle & fashion.

Along with Fashion, how do you help women find their voice?

I am a Confidence Lifestyle/Style Coach as well as an inspirational/motivational speaker, so my goal is to help women 1 on 1 or even in groups, to find the confidence within themselves, and to have self-love. My goal is to support them in navigating how they want the world to receive them in all avenues of their life.

Any major influences that have helped shape the mission of Divinely Crown’d?

I would really have to say, first and foremost, my parents. I grew up watching them have such a positive impact on the people in their community. I watched them pour into other people and get positive reactions and it was so inspiring to me. I grew up watching Oprah, and I was always inspired by how she could have these raw and authentic conversations with people, helping them to heal, grow and even accomplish their dreams. I always loved how she’s such a giver, and she gave with so much genuine care for others. It inspired me to want to be like her. I also truly feel like I was born to be a positive light to people and I try my best to do that in my own way.

Fashion-wise, do you have any favorites?

I wouldn’t consider myself a designer-type of person. Lately, I’ve been inspired by influencers who can take thrifty clothes and make them look like something beautiful. I love influencers and people that can create their own unique looks and not follow normal trends. I will also say that my two sisters, my favorite aunt, and some of my cousins who are very fashion forward inspired me growing up when it comes to fashion as well. They do their own thing; they don’t follow anyone else’s style and I love it.

What would you say the next few years looks like for your company?

I do have my first DivinelyCROWN’D event coming up this October, called the Sip & Slay Soiree. This event will be a social mixer where people can connect and network in a positive atmosphere. It will be held at the SheVintage Boutique. There’s no agenda other than coming to connect with others through fashion and to have a good time. I’m all about community and making positive connects so I feel this is a great way to kick off hosting my own events for my business and I’m really excited about that. Later in September, in honor of this being my birthday month, I will finally be launching my podcast called “DivinelyCROWN’D Conversations”. It’s just about having real and transparent conversations with Queens about their life journeys. I would also like to go all-in with my Confidence, Lifestyle, & Style Coach, being able to quit my 9-5 and fully be devoted to it supporting as many people as I can through life coaching and my brand. I plan on being able to use my voice even more inside and outside of our city. I would like to have way more events where people can connect in a positive way. One of my biggest dreams is to have my facility where I can do all the things that I foresee with DivinelyCROWN’D. I’m just letting things flow as I am walking in my purpose, every day. My mom recently told me to, “just keep running, run toward whatever your wildest dreams and goals are, and just keep accomplishing them”, so that’s what I’m going to continue to do.

Any final thoughts?

I heard on a podcast once before “Whatever goals and dreams you want to accomplish, just do it, even if you’re scared, do it scared” because when you push through the fear something truly beautiful is on the other side. I want to encourage people to just stay tuned because you never know what’s coming next with DivinelyCROWN’D and check out the divinelycrownd.com website for inspiration as well. I’m very much into being genuine, real, and authentic person and a positive light, so I just want people to feel that through my brand. Connect with the Queendom!!

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