EAC Friday Feature: Ileecia Moffatt

Friday May 19th, 2023

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10 Questions with Ileecia Moffatt

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Ileecia Moffatt

-written by Nat Richmond

When were you introduced to Art? And, what impression did it leave on you?

I was interested in art ever since I was a child! My dad and I would bond with each other, sit down with me and we would draw from life and cartoons at the time. We didn’t have any social media at the time so we had to really think out of the box, and that’s what drove me to keep pushing forward and advancing my skill set. The impression that it had on me was that after I would finish a period of art, it was “original” no one had seen anything like it because hence my art style at the time or skill level of art. It was something special in my heart. Till this day I have old drawings and paintings that my family would tell me to keep for my future!

What's a work that has left a lasting impression on you?

I have created a self portrait for one of my coworkers at my job. He had only given me a physical picture of his dad that passed away years ago, and he currently is going to give it to his mom in the nursing home. I didn’t know any information of this story until after I gave it to my co-worker. We put it on the counter table, and stepped back to look at the piece I had created for his mother, and that made me feel so good knowing that I created a piece of artwork that can bring people together even though they are gone from this beautiful Earth.

What's one word you would use to describe your Art? And Why?

Meaningful because when there’s a meaning drawn to anything I am doing or working for, it brings positivity and joy to my everyday life. Yes you can create anything you want but it doesn’t hold the same feeling if there was meaning attached to it.

How do you feel that your works affect others?

I feel very proud, yes very proud. Also emotional because it has help them in any sort of way shape or form.

What is your opinion on the rise of A.I. generated Art?

Personally, I think it is an interesting form of art. I was scared at first (kinda still am) if this form of art will take over traditional forms of art and people will not be as interested anymore. I believe that when producing AI work, we shouldn't forget how it all start, pencil and paper and a lot of creative thought processes!

Should Art have a limit or boundary? Why?

I don't think so! I feel like if you're trying to gravitate towards a certain community or audience then go for it! There's so many ways you can go about art and expressing yourself! We can only control what kind of art we want to see.

How would you like to evolve over the next 10 years?

In the next 10 years I want to be able to travel and produce more mural work as well as making art of other people!

How does your Art contribute to the human experience?

My Art contribution relates to the human experience by allowing people to feel connected with the piece I am bringing to the table.

Are there any songs that inspire the creator in you?

Songs that inspires the creative side of me would have to be "Rocket" by Tori Kelly and "Four Pink Walls" by Alessia Cara. These two songs remind me to keep going no matter how far the goals are for my future self. There's going to be bumps in the road all the time and we keep moving along!

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