EAC Friday Feature: Jacob Ames

Friday Oct 21st, 2022


10 Questions with Jacob Ames

Jacob Ames

-written by Nat Richmond

This multitalented artist has found a way to express his many talents both in front of the screen as well as behind it. He utilizes his gift for reading in between the lines of the human experience and translate it into performances that are captivating and inspiring. Jacob is a walking example how far discipline and staying true to oneself can take you.


You’re bringing various Art forms to the table…which one do you feel encompasses you the best?

Upcycling. It’s basically like redemption. I am able to see the potential in something and bring it to life. Videography/Documenting/Cataloging brings everything together. I feel like Art should challenge truth and evoke something inside of you. Art, I feel, has turned into aestheticism.

What inspired you to pursue acting?

I did a couple musicals when I was younger, but I was always someone who did accents and characters. When I was a kid, I watched movies and thought they were real. I started doing TikTok’s, and realized I was great at accents. Alexander the Brain. Danny Pakulski (Oddity Productions) saw some period pieces that I did, and it inspired him to create the character Alexander. I started off as a model, which got me to learning how to use a camera.

Your TikTok series seems to be doing well. How do you come up with ideas for skits?

It varies. Every time I would post a video, many of the comments would say that I look like a certain character. I would then go on youtube, find scenes of them, and go thrift for the outfits. I’m also an antique collector, someday I’d love to have an antique prop shop.

How do you challenge yourself to grow as an artist?

There’s many ways. One way was to start my production business. Many artists struggle with consistency. Having to do it to make a living has challenged me to keep going. “Repetition is the mother of learning”. There’s a book that I read called “Make it Mighty Ugly” that has inspired me. Your Art should be a reflection of your spiritual state, so I do things to fortify my spiritual state.

When did you start your writing journey? How do you keep yourself with creative ideas as a writer?

I started my writing journey in High School. I would always write about things that I enjoyed for my essays. I do scriptwriting, poetry, and I am working on my first non-fiction book. I’ve done a few projects with my clients, one of which is called “A Letter to my Brother”. I’ve started writing longer scripts since then. About a year and a half ago. I’m writing a book potentially called The Human Condition, which touches upon a lot of topics, like the power of words, propaganda tactics and how they play upon the human condition, sentiment, the halo effect.

How do you keep yourself with creative ideas

I would definitely say repetition. This is a society that is attached to dopamine. Everyone’s attention span has been affected by small, short videos. Curiosity breeds gratitude. Creativity is a muscle that feeds upon itself. You have to practice it daily. Two of my favorite works are “The Humiliation of the Word” and “Amusing Ourselves to Death”.

How do you feel about the written word vs the spoken word?

As creatures, our brains work really well with symbols…that's why logos are so heavily used. That's the power of the written word, it becomes a living object. Spoken word is an easy vehicle to receive, but it also takes less effort. “The road to hell is paved with good intention” -Picasso. That’s the issue with today’s society, people speaking on behalf of others, and speaking on topics without the discipline to learn, grow, and investigate. Oral communication can be messed with more than written communication.

Any final thoughts?

I would say everyone is creative. The more you give to creativity, the more it gives back to you. Don’t be afraid to be passionate about something that others may find trivial. If you feel strongly, but won’t do something about it, you may be a product of what people in the past have felt about Art, which is that Art is not important. Don’t let money be a factor in your future. You’re more than just a construct that represents value. The kind of competition and drama that happens in Erie is ridiculous. There is enough to go around. Clearly, you’re not disciplined enough if you’re worried about being in competition with others. Step outside of the box and do something different.

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