EAC Friday Feature: Jamarion Hobson

Friday Sep 23rd, 2022


10 Questions with Jamarion Hobson

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Jamarion Hobson

-written by Nat Richmond

As a young Digital Artist, Painter, and Anime illustrator, Jamarion Hobson has integrated himself successfully into the artistic and creative sectors of Erie, Pennsylvania. This High School senior is determined to reach his ultimate goals in the digital arts world. Anime has the heart of this visual magician, and he fully intends on eventually pursuing his ambitions in Japan with his keen eye for color, angles, and expressions. 

Describe your artistic upbringing

My nana was always drawing and creating. Especially floral and animals, more specifically owls. I’m really into anime, such as the colors and conflict. That’s where I first started drawing casually. In middle school, we started studying Banksy and I loved his story. There was a show on Cartoon Network called Steven’s Universe that I loved! My family started to see me get better and that inspired me to keep going.

Were there any artists that you would say influenced your style?

I would say Rebecca Sugars(creator of Steven Universe) is a big influence. Barron Nefcy (the creator of Star vs The Forces of Evil). Also, I would say Adventuretime, where the art was always changing. My favorite anime of all time is Violet Evergarden, and the creator Ana akatsuki. I use to always take many influences from Rebecca and how she used to draw.

How do you challenge yourself to try new concepts?

Honestly I just try a new medium. Sometimes, I’ll start painting or I’ll scroll on Pinterest. I’ll even go to stores and buy random clothes and draw myself in them just to get back to creating.

What about creating Art allows you to freely express yourself?

I have trouble sometimes expressing myself and emotions. I’m a people pleaser. I find that expressing myself through Art helps me to be better understood.

Describe Erie’s influence on your creativity.

Back when I first did a piece with Caesar Westbrook and Antonio Howard, that was huge for me. I was able to see how art inspired others because they would come by and watch the progress. Then, when I started working with Ana Balzcazar, she really helped me understand the magic of painting and how colors can mix and match. Also, I want to get more into painting some of Erie's beautiful sunsets!

How would you like to have an impact on the Erie area?

I would eventually like to produce my own mural. Even if it’s something small. Before I leave Erie, I want to leave a piece of me here. I want to do little things, like teaching a class even, especially for autistic children. I would love to show them how they can get there feelings out via paint and paper. I want to help people in general.

What are your long term goals?

I really want to move to Japan. I want to be able to write my own Manga one day. I want to be in an animator, illustrator, and I want to do story boarding as well.

What are you working on now?

Right now, I’m working on a senior project for school. I have to do 6 paintings, that reflects my experiences with CoVid. Also, I created a character that’s a necromancer. I want to finish that up so I can post it on Halloween.

Any advice for upcoming artists?

Honestly, I would just say to keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Draw what makes you happy, not what others would be happy with. Your work has to be yours. Be yourself.

Any final thoughts?

I am 17, I’m a young artist. I’ve been drawing seriously for about 14 years. I like anime, manga. I really like cookies!! I really like music, my favorite artist right now is Billie Eillish. Michael Jackson I also love. That’s really it for me :)

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