EAC Friday Feature: K Sanz

Friday Mar 17th, 2023

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10 Questions with K Sanz

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K Sanz

-written by Nat Richmond

When were you introduced to the Art of photography?

Well , I never really had an introduction. It was more like knowing what I liked seeing and wanting to see it more. There have been moments I would stare off thinking “wow this would make a cool scene” . This had stemmed back to being a kid and making movies with my cousins… always buying a disposable camera, a basic digital camera, untill eventually buying an actual camera. I guess ive just always had a camera.

Name a photographer who has inspired you the most?

I dont really know the names of any photographers. A majority of my inspiration comes from feelings/emotions. How a project makes me feel. The composition can make someone seem powerful or powerless. The colors can influence the mood of a scene. The lenses we use determine how someones face is interpreted. The combination of feelings we can create is what inspires me most.

What's one word you would use to describe your photography?

One word for my photography would probably be “personal”. The feeling of the moment captured in a blink. Wether its the love in the eyes, the pain hidden in the smile, the swelling pride glowing from their skin. You feel it. You feel them. You can almost touch the energy that was in that moment.

How do you inspire your creativity to try new things?

Honestly, I love getting fried out my mind and going outside OR getting fried out my mind and staying inside lmao. Its just going with the flow but keeping my eyes open the whole ride. Seeing cool shit in everyday life makes shooting pretty easy. It could be as simple as someone with a great colored jacket walking past a crazy colored door.

Can you name one song that encapsulates the energy of your shots?

I cant pick one song BUT I think I can blend two lol. Its a mix of “Rich Spirit” by Kendrick and “Big Shot Cream Soda” by $uicideboy$ and Shakewell. Go spin them a few times if yall not familiar.

How do you overcome creative fears or doubts?

Walk around the house with the windows open. Untill im in the mood to challenge my doubts.

You're also a music artist. Who has inspired you to make the music that you create?

In my younger years you could tell that I love Big Pun. The older I got, the more I learned to let go of the “structure/rules” of making a song. I cant really place a finger on a sound that inspired what I create but again its more of a feeling. What I write is usually without topic. Its more of moods in the moment. Sometimes I feel like im Him when I walk in a room, and it translates. Sometimes theres a bad bitty I cant stop making eye contact with, sometimes it aint my day and I need to get it off my chest. Its either vibin on a summer day feeling or walking into a pit with your kicking boots on.

To date, name your favorite song from your discography

Phew I got a hefty discography lol. “This is K Sanz” on Spotify is about 3hrs of music. But if I am picking one , as of this very moment, its probably “Slamzabudda” off of the “Taino Tears” project. It was produced by Bernflowers. He stumbled across my Spotify and found me on IG. The man has been sending me like one beat a day. As soon as I heard that. I knew. I knew I knew I knew. It was divine timing. It matched my heart at the moment. I was able to just pour into it.

Any advice for upcoming Artists/Creators in Erie?

My biggest advice I can give is to be yourself and consistent. I know very cliché. But its really the most important. Noone wants to hear or see someone like J Cole. Or a song like Drake. For that I’m going to listen to J Cole or Drake. Be the first you. Be the one that’s remembered. Be the one that inspires not the inspired. Once you are comfortable in your own emotions, stick to it. Stay consistent with learning how to expand, how to clean up your work. Remember to have what others dont, you have to be willing to do what others dont. Put in the work. Create a budget. Dont expect favors or handouts.

Any final thoughts?

Final thoughts…… I love you. I want to see you win. I know we feel like we are fighting a losing battle but we are not alone.

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