EAC Friday Feature: Samantha Randall

Friday Jul 15th, 2022


10 Questions with Samantha Randall

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Samantha Randall

-written by Nat Richmond


Entrepreneurship has provided many with the wonderful opportunity to create spaces, brands, and product lines that not only reflect their own personal ideals, but also invent new avenues that appeal to often-overlooked audiences. When I first heard of the brand Sundae Vegan Desserts, I immediately took notice to the buzz. I was more than impressed with the marrying of healthy eating and delectable sweet-tooth options being offered via food truck, and the spunky, razzle-dazzle personality of it's owner, Samantha Randall. Fashionista and Visionary, Randall has been a non-stop mover and shaker, also investing her time into her fashion business, House Of Charlie Ryan. When she's not serving up looks and baked goods, she's also pouring her passions into philanthropy through her work with "no-kill" animal shelters. Randall is absolutely proving that you can truly do it all and have it all if you put your mind to it. I had the pleasure of getting to know this "serialpreneur", which enlightened me to her motivations and inspirations.

Your business, Sundae Vegan Desserts, taps into such a niche, yet necessary, market. What inspired you to start it?

Being a 30 year vegan, never having a dessert option on holidays or birthdays. I decide to create what didn’t exist. I want everyone who is vegan, people that allergies or anyone wanting a better option to have the ability to celebrate with even better food.

You’re a vegan and animal advocate and have contributed to local shelters. What inspires you to give back?

Every single animal that ends up in the shelters that was failed by a human. They are the most resilient beings in the world and they don’t deserve the life they’ve been dealt. They deserve to know and feel love and live without worry. My goal with Sundae is to educate the ignorant to the darkness in the world so that one day these beautiful, gentle, loving creatures are no longer harmed.

Do you create all of your treats yourself?

I’ve created and made from scratch every single sundae dessert. I will get visions of flavor combinations, I believe these to be Signs from the universe to create the decadence I come up with.

If you could tell the world about Erie, but could only highlight one attribute, what would it be?

How incredible the local businesses and local community among said businesses is. Full of love and support.

What originally inspired you to tap in to Culinary Arts?

My beautiful grandmother was from Italy and I was always with her. I started to cook and bake at a very young age with whatever we had in the garden. Being vegan there was no where near as many options in the world as there is now so I had to create what I wanted.

Let’s talk about your Fashion sense. As a Fashion Designer, what gives you a creative spark?

My creative vision in fashion is a feeling. I know what I want so I either put it all together or design it. Colors, music, peoples energy all attribute to the feeling.

Who inspires you in the Fashion world?

Manfred Mugler. The Blonds. Thom Browne. Spice Girls.

What are your ambitions for the next 5-10 years?

To continue to grow Sundae, open my gourmet vegan restaurant Sauce and keep elevating while saving animals and educating the ignorant.

How do you overcome fear, if you have any?

I live fearlessly. Fear nothing and no one.

Final thoughts?

If you've never had Sundae, the time is now. Sundae vegan desserts ice cream trailer is 7/15, 5-9. Live compassionately. Be kind to everyone. Vegan for the animals and the planet.

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