New Horizons Welcomes Evoca1 to Erie

Friday Sep 27th, 2019


Erie Arts & Culture, as part of the New Horizons initiative, will welcome Evoca1 to Erie on Saturday, September 28. Evoca1 is the next international artist that Erie Arts & Culture has invited to create a large-scale mural to enhance the city's visual landscape.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, but now living in South Florida, Evoca1 is a self-taught artist. His work is figurative and flawlessly merges art and humanity into a single creation. As an artist, he observes human behaviors and social struggles and translates that into emotionally provocative murals and sculptures.

"Although we have only lived in Erie for three years, we feel very connected to the city and wanted to contribute to the exciting activities related to the downtown revitalization. We are thrilled to be part of this project that is bringing another mural to downtown Erie and can’t wait to see the result," said Linda Graff.

Evoca1 1
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This project is the result of a generous gift from Brian and Linda Graff, who moved to Erie three years ago post-retirement.

"We have only lived in Erie three years, but we feel great pride and loyalty to this city," stated Brian Graff. "The future success of Erie is dependent on public/private partnerships and we look forward to doing our share to help move Erie forward. Again, thank all of you for your support. We can't wait to see this mural."

Additional in-kind support is being provided by R.A. Geig Equipment Company.

Erie Arts & Culture is working again with Ukrainian-born curator Iryna Kanishcheva to execute this project. The agency has also worked closely with Methodist Tower's staff and Board of Directors. The project will begin on Monday, September 30 and is estimated to be completed by Monday, October 7.

As with previous Now Horizons' public art projects, Erie Arts & Culture is committed to building the capacity of our regional artists. EAC has selected two artists to assist Evoca1 with the Methodist Towers mural; Wayward Tattoo artist and painter Corey Thompson and Edinboro University student Deirdre Keane. Deirdre is pursuing a degree in painting and illustration and is scheduled to graduate from EU in 2020.  

New Horizons is funded in part by the Erie Community Foundation.

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