"I'm supporting Erie Arts & Culture because..."

Monday Aug 2nd, 2021

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Erie Arts & Culture weaves culture and creativity into the fabric of everyday life in our region. Our investments translate into every resident having opportunities to participate in, and benefit from, the arts and humanities - whether socially, educationally, or economically. We are passionate about our work because the arts and humanities help us as people become more creative, self aware, empathetic, and socially responsible. 

On August 10th you can help us sustain our impact in Erie County by participating in Erie Gives. Please make a donation of $25 or more to the Erie Community Foundation and name Erie Arts & Culture as a beneficiary. This year, we aim to raise a minimum of $25,000

If you plan to give to Erie Arts & Culture this Erie Gives Day, please consider sharing your "why" with your social media community! We've included images and instructions below.


1. Begin your post with this title slide. Right-click this image and download it.

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2. Select your reasons why from the image gallery below! Right-click each image that applies to you and download.

3. End your post with this closing call-to-action slide. This tells your community when and how to donate! Right-click this image and download it.

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