Make. Sleep. Repeat. | Featuring the work of KCJ Szwedzinski

Wednesday Feb 17th, 2021







Make. Sleep. Repeat.

The Repetitive Nature of Quarantine Life








Pictured above: Notes from an Extended Performance, KCJ Szwedzinski, 2020


 Featuring the work of Heather Brand, Eric D. Charlton, Byron Rich, KCJ Szwedzinski & Ian F. Thomas
Presented by The Allegheny College Art Department


How have artists responded to the monotony of isolation and repetition experienced during lockdown? This virtual art exhibition, organized and curated by Allegheny students, is the result of conversations about how art-making changes in times of remote work and isolation. It also serves as a means of processing and reflecting in moments of crisis.

Make. Sleep. Repeat. features artworks by Allegheny Studio Art Faculty — Heather Brand, Eric D. Charlton, Byron Rich, Ian F. Thomas — and Seattle-based artist KCJ Szwedzinski, Erie Arts & Culture's current Visiting Artist in Residence.


View the virtual exhibit here