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Wednesday Jul 1st, 2020

Geexella Square Post

Creating Spaces that Connect Community with Geexella

Erie Arts & Culture continued the installment of their Creative Catalyst Speaker Series with a webinar by Geexella, which was held on July 14th. Geexella is a non-binary, Black and Latinx DJ from Jacksonville, Florida. In this session, they discussed their process of creating safe spaces for marginalized communities. They also explained how and why it's so important to support emerging artists in the creative and cultural sector.

Geexella 1

About Geexella (They/Them):

A bleeding heart, rainbow fueled, passionate nightingale has taken a form that is GeeXella. They are a singer, rapper, DJ and community organizer. They use their passion for music as a vehicle to create intentional dance space for marginalized communities in the SOUTH. They are a community organizer and activist in Jacksonville, Florida. They believe in self expression and hope to provide more community events for QTPOCS and Black folx (Queer, Trans, People Of Color).

About PRO Network:

As an agency, we are committed to dismantling barriers and providing meaningful resources and training for creative and cultural professionals.

Erie Arts & Culture believes that creative and cultural professionals can play a central role in developing vibrant and healthy communities and neighborhoods when they are provided with access to Professional development, Resources, and Opportunities (PRO). 

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