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Wednesday Jul 15th, 2020


Learn how to identify tools to build your artistic brand.

On July 9, Erie Arts & Culture for a virtual discussion with Brian Amick , Co-founder at Werkbot Digital Marketing Agency. When you are finished viewing the webinar, please complete the survey at the bottom of the page. Your feedback helps to inform future PRO Network Programming.

When building your brand as an artist, knowledge of marketing principles and tools are essential. Throughout the discussion, Brian identified tools to help you get started. With his guidance, viewers were taught how to give themselves a leg up as an artist in an increasingly competitive and digitally-focused world. You can’t focus on doing everything or you won’t have time to do that craft that you love. What tools make the most sense for you? 

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About Brian Amick:

Brian is the Creative Director and Co-founder at Werkbot, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Erie. He has been in the industry since graduating from Edinboro with a BFA in 2001. He has never been content to rest on his laurels, driven by his desire to build things, learn, educate, and help others. Creative vision and storytelling has always been the motivator of Brian's work. He has spent time as a designer, developer, managing accounts, digital strategy, and other roles to ensure the success of the business and to launch projects without a hitch.

Brian has taught as an adjunct professor at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in Design, served on the Erie Ad Club ('08-'11) and president of the club ('11), served on the marketing committees of Young Erie Professionals ('06-'07) and the Erie Philharmonic ('12-'15).

About Werkbot:

Werkbot is a Digital Marketing Agency that inspires industry-leading businesses in the Manufacturing, Finance, and Healthcare sectors to become optimistic about their website, marketing, and brand.

We do this by promoting collaboration, trust, and creative thinking internally and externally. Over the years, we’ve discovered that these values help to create a positive environment and promote great teamwork internally and with our clients.

About PRO Network:

As an agency, we are committed to dismantling barriers and providing meaningful resources and training for creative and cultural professionals.

Erie Arts & Culture believes that creative and cultural professionals can play a central role in developing vibrant and healthy communities and neighborhoods when they are provided with access to Professional development, Resources, and Opportunities (PRO). 

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