Online Resource: Inner Visions - A Discussion About Outsider and Visionary Art and Artists

Friday Oct 30th, 2020



Fred Scruton illustrates and discusses his collaborative documentation of artists and display-makers who are often referred to as ‘self-taught', ‘visionaries’ or ‘outsiders'. Fred travels widely throughout the U.S. to photograph their artworks and built environments; often befriending the artists through numerous return visits.

About Fred:

From a home base near Erie, Pennsylvania, Fred Scruton travels extensively throughout the United States to find, photograph, videotape, and write about artists working outside the mainstreams of contemporary art.

Partly a chronicle of his travels, this website showcases the work of many well- and lesser-known non-mainstream artists. Often called ‘outsiders’, ‘self-taught’ or ‘visionaries’, Fred maintains personal friendships with many of the artists and typically makes repeated (and on-going) visits over periods of many years.



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