PRO Network: "Connected Narratives" with Kedgar Volta

Thursday Apr 1st, 2021

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Please join us for our next PRO Network webinar entitled "Connected Narratives: A Presentation and Conversation with Kedgar Volta" on April 29 at 6 PM.

Kedgar Volta will host a conversation centered around three pieces of seemingly different works that have a common underlying foundation. The first piece dates back to 2013 and the most recent one is still in the works. Kedgar will explore the process behind each piece and their evolution as they progress to completion.

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Kedgar Volta
Born in 1983 in Cuba
Studied at the Superior Institute of Design, Havana, Cuba (2007)
Artist, Jacksonville, FL

Since living in Florida, Volta draws inspiration from a dual cultural perspective, creating multi-media and photographic works that represent disparate lives and environments, while serving as a narrative that reminds us of our common humanity. The work also reflects his understanding of art as a vehicle to bring form-shaping movement to the fragmented reality of our internal landscapes, in order to offer a sense of purpose and meaning through the prism of the self.

Volta is the founder and creative director of the experience design company, Castano Group in Jacksonville, Florida. He has participated in several group and solo exhibitions throughout Florida and was selected for the Crystal Bridges Museum of Art's State of the Art: Discovering American Art Now exhibition (2014-15) which subsequently traveled throughout the country, he also exhibited Project Atrium: Kedgar Volta, The Fragility of the Promise at Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Jacksonville, FL from November 15, 2019 to March 1, 2020.

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False Belief that the Control Resides in Me
Video Art

Moving five years ago from his native Cuba to Jacksonville, Kedgar Volta was struck by the uninhabited spaces in American city centers. He noticed that urban cores are often abandoned after workday hours end, and apartment dwellers rarely know even their nearest neighbors. Volta created this interactive video in order to examine a very different urban experience in his homeland, where neighbor interaction and street life are constant. Presenting 24 video screens in a grid, the work suggests an apartment building with its outer wall peeled away to reveal the inhabitants’ lives and the relationships among them. One occupant sorts rice—good grains from the bad— while another seems to be recovering from a hangover.

The videos have the look of security-camera footage, casting us in the role of voyeur. If we approach too closely, however, we interrupt the lives within and then the figures move toward us and directly address us, breaking the imaginary “fourth wall.” Suddenly—in a twist worthy of Hitchcock’s Rear Window—we are no longer the viewers but the viewed.

View more of Kedgar's work below, or visit his instagram here.


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