Staff Picks: This week's recommendations

Wednesday Aug 12th, 2020


Staff Picks: A curated list of what to look at, listen to, watch, or read from the team at EAC

Exploring ways to stay engaged digitally, the staff at Erie Arts & Culture has launched a recurring blog series called Staff Picks. Every other Wednesday, the EAC team will curate and share with you their top selections in the fields of books, music, movies, visual artists, and podcasts. Included in the lists are links so that you can experience staff recommendations directly through streaming or online purchases. We hope that this series also creates an opportunity for the public to develop a deeper understanding of the team members that comprise Erie Arts & Culture. 

staff picks jade

Jade Mitchell

Book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Music: Where Is My Mind by Maxence Cyrin

Movie/Series: Annie Hall by Woody Allen

Visual/Performing artist: AMA  Ophélie Longuet & Ezio Bosso


staff picks kelly

Kelly Armor

Article: Musical Labor Performed in Northwest Tanzania

Music: Foxhunt 

Movie/Series: Fleabag

Visual/Performing artist: Banunguli Farming Group from Western Tanzania

Podcast: Radiolab: Articles of Interest

natalia EAC

Natalia Buczek

Music: Ocean - Ella Vos

Movie/Series: Once Upon a Time - Netflix

Visual/Performing artist: Imani Bell

Podcast: The Modern Art Notes Podcast


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