The Erie Dance Film Festival: Live Premiere at Kellars

Monday Jun 7th, 2021

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Erie Arts & Culture is pleased to announce the inaugural Erie Dance Film Festival (EDFF)! The EDFF features a series of films from five Erie teams of filmmakers and dancemakers who collaborated to create and produce films specifically for Dance for Camera.  Erie films will be supplemented by nationally recognized films from the Dance Film Association.  All films revolve around themes inspired by and embracing diversity, equity and inclusion.

The launching event will take place July 8 at Keller’s, A Modern Magic and Comedy Club.  With limited seating due to pandemic, tickets are available at the link below at $35 per person or $50 per couple with food and drink available at an additional cost. All ticket proceeds benefit the 2022 Erie Dance Film Festival.  Doors open at 6:00 PM and screening begins at 7:00 PM.  

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Dancemakers include Corinne Dietrich, Angela DiFiore, Shreelina Ghosh, Eden Ihrig, Mariah Johnson, Mackenzie Link, C. Noelle Partusch, Michael Patterson, Solveig Santillano and Jenna Swartz with filmmakers including Mike Berlin, Eric Dye, John C. Lyons, Jesse Olszewski, Danny Pakulski, Alex Staley and Matthew Torti.

Supporting partners include Community Access Media, Erie Blues and Jazz Festival, Erie Dance Consortium, Film Society of Northern Pennsylvania, Grisé Audio Visual, Kellar’s; A Modern Magic and Comedy Club, Iron Empire and WQLN.


The EDFF Experience:

“Though strangers at the onset, we forged valuable new working relationships and friendships; relationships imbued with gratitude for the opportunity to collaboratively create something new with shared meaning and beauty in the amidst/in spite of a global pandemic. Though challenging, from start to finish the experience was fun, focused, imaginative, and inspiring.” -- Solveig Santillano, dancemaker

“…there is an edge to the performance and choreography that is meant to convey the question of will this synchronized frustration lead us in a new direction or is our current experience a movement that will have us dancing in place and gasping for breath?” –Mike Berlin, filmmaker

“The film Isolation was created in response to the global pandemic that has affected us all in various ways. It is a reflection of the disappointment, discouragement, and loss that many live performance artists have struggled with since the beginning of the pandemic and the hope that we will one day be able to share our craft with a live audience again.”  -- Jesse Olszewski, filmmaker

“Time’s Ballad…our thought and consensus is that people can dance at any age despite what society or audiences may feel about that.”  -- C. Noelle Partusch, dancemaker


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