Visiting Artist in Residence, Hiromi Moneyhun, to Arrive in Erie

Monday Aug 3rd, 2020

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Hiromi Moneyhun

Visiting Artist in Residence August 17 – September 10

Erie Arts & Culture is pleased to announce that kirie artist
Hiromi Moneyhun will be in Erie from August 17 until September 10 as part of the agency’s visiting artist residency program. Hiromi is a native of Kyoto, Japan. She moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 2004. Hiromi’s work has been showcased in numerous solo exhibitions within the state of Florida. She has participated in group shows throughout the American South, including North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Georgia. Hiromi has also exhibited her work in New York City and London.  

Kirie is the Japanese art of papercutting. Hiromi creates through a process of addition by subtraction.  She doesn't add layers to a paper or canvas using pens, markers, or paint.  Instead, she cuts away from a sheet of paper using a blade.  When finished, what remains of the paper is an incredibly detailed outline, often integrating the female form, Japanese architecture,  insects, and mystical creatures.


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About Hiromi:

Hiromi is a self-taught artist. It wasn't until after Hiromi relocated to the United States that she began exploring the world of paper-cuts.  Upon moving to Jacksonville, Hiromi’s mother-in-law suffered a stroke, which resulted in Hiromi taking on the role of caregiver.  With more time being spent at home, Hiromi rekindled her passion for creative processes as a means of investing in herself. 

At first, Hiromi's exploration into the world of Kirie was a hobby.  Her interest was sparked by children's books that were illustrated using paper-cuts and woodblock prints.  Making use of an X-ACTO knife, Hiromi created paper-cuts using whatever paper she found lying around the house.  While her process has remained the same, Hiromi's designs have become larger in their scale and more intricate in their detail.

During her residency, Hiromi is interested in building upon her process and exploring ceramics, printmaking, and papermaking. She will be creating new works while in Erie and also working on creating an edition, which will be available for sale.

Erie Arts & Culture’s visiting artist residency program is a collaboration with Long Road Projects. Funding for the program was provided through a special grant from the Erie Community Foundation. Previous visiting artists in residence include Stephon Senegal (New York City) and Kate Sikorski (Los Angeles). Shannon Norwood (Savannah) is slated to conduct a residency in October.

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The work of Hiromi Moneyhun.

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