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Contact: Emidalys Serrano
Phone: (814) 490-1082
Erie, PA 16502

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Artist Statement

Our main focus is to bring motion to still and visual to lyric. Capturing that moment you will never forget and allowing musicians to visually explain their lyric. Dancer reels, community projects and cultural influences are of the other ways I like to step outside of the box with my art.


It's was August 2002 and I was a guest at a quinceañera. When moments before the ceremony was to begin the photographer shows up what a purse full of disposable cameras. The quinceañeras mom begins to lose her mind instantly. I had only toyed with my Fujifilm Finepix camera for a couple months but why not take a few shots at this point it was better then the disposable cameras the photographer had. So I did,  I shot my first quinceañera. I fell in love with the idea that no matter what actually happens the day of an event, you could portray something completely different.


22.3 Copy 1

22.3 Copy 1

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