Gyan Ghising

Gyan Ghising


Folk Art, Music, Visual

Contact: Gyan Ghising
Phone: (814) 873-7780
1908 Linwood Avenue
Erie, PA 16510

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Gyan Ghising is a folk artist who specializes in the traditional dance and music of his native Nepali-Bhutanese and Indian culture. His first teacher was his father, who could make people cry, or laugh in a minute depending on what he sang. When Gyan was about seven years old, his older brother showed him how to play the madal, a traditional two-headed Nepali drum. When he was eleven, he and tens of thousands of other Nepali-speaking people were forced out of Bhutan and then housed in refugee camps in Nepal. During his exile, Gyan attended a cultural center where he learned the folk dances and theater discipline of two Nepali ethnic groups, the Tamang and the Kirat people. Gyan learned a range of dances for traditional ceremonies that mark the New Year, and planting and harvest times. After graduating high school, he became an elementary teacher and went to college where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in sociology and anthropology. He went on to be a school administrator where he supervised music, dance, and drama instructors for six years.

 In 2011, Gyan came to the United States and settled in Erie with his wife and two young daughters.

Gyan is a rostered teaching artist with Erie Arts & Culture. His work within the northwestern PA region includes: Oil City with the Hot Spot Youth Initiative, Barber National Institute, McKinley Elementary School, East Middle School, Old Songs New Opportunities, North East Elementary School After School Program, and SafeNet.Now he is also serving as a board of directors at Erie Metropolitan Transit authority.