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Artist, CHROMA member, Teaching Artist

Literary, Theater, Visual

Contact: Danielle Samone Johnson
Phone: (814) 303-2526
3330 W 26th St, Suite 4-256
Erie, Pennsylvania 16506

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Fine Art Photographer, Writer, Performer, & Activist

- Background -

Samone began her career as a military Mandarin Chinese translator and a photojournalist in Combat Camera. There her interest in blending literary and visual arts took root. As a civilian artist in the time since, she has worked creating poetry and photography for exhibit and to experience in performance art. She creates public art in an effort to engage underserved communities in the arts. Samone’s works underscore her efforts in civic action as well.

- Focus -

Samone’s work highlights the intrinsic value inherent in all life with a key emphasis on marginalized segments of society. She seeks to question inequities and to inspire universal respect of that same intrinsic value among all humankind. Through visual art and prose, she aims to create awareness of the qualities that support a more just humanity. The evidence of Abraham Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, for instance, among disenfranchised people manifest as a diminished hierarchy; whereas the full array of possibilities among groups and individuals living with societal privelige exists as an entitlement. In creating work she asks, “How are the latter stages of Maslow’s hierarchy (i.e.- esteem and self-actualization) modified, if expressed at all,  among the most vulnerable people?”  and “Under what conditions can an individual overcome debilitating risks and attain self-actualization?”

In addition, Samone experiences synesthesia, a condition in which more than one of the senses responds to the sensory stimulus of only one sense. This cross-wiring causes her to feel and see colors and numbers. She draws her creative vocabulary and visual palette from this kinesthetic-visual internal language. This allows Samone to empathize with indivuals experiencing language barriers. Furthermore, her neurological condition, often being an oddity to others, compells her to widen her perspective of others’ unique qualities.

Ultimately, Samone aims to use her art to bridge people who feel disconnected from the fine arts arena. She seeks to expand opportunties to access the arts. She aspires to ignite interest and curiosity in people who feel they may not qualify to visit galleries, museums, and theater venues. She views creativity as a universal skill available to enhance in all people. She asserts that all humankind holds the capacity to explore creative solutions for human needs, creative means of relating to one another, and creative ways to further develop our humanity. Samone’s art illustrates the concept that creativity, given the opportunity to be enriched by it, could afford us all a rich array of options to realize self-actualization and a peaceful coexistence.


Recent Projects & Events:

Creating with Community Art Residency (2020-Present)

Lead Artist assigned to activate a seven street corridor of Parade St in Erie, PA.


Sienna Wings (Dec 2019 & Jan 2020)

Highlighted Artist at Ember+Forge Cafe for Gallery Night and exhibited through January 2020.


Gallery Night (April 25, 2019)

Exhibited sample works in support of civic action organization, Erie County United.


Honors & Awards:

Housing and Neighborhood Development Service Grant (2016)

Awarded to Teach Creative Writing Workshop


Poetry for the Mind's Joy - Del County Comm College 1st & 2nd Place Award Recipient (2010)

National Project by former US Poet Laureate Kay Ryan

Selected for Personal Reception with Kay Ryan; Poem Published on Library of Congress site



Edith Garlow Poetry Prize - 3rd Place (2010)

Spoken Word Poetry Contest





Spilling Life in Shadows - a commentary on the consumption of Black & Brown People

Spilling Life in Shadows - a commentary on the consumption of Black & Brown People

Samone - Fine Art Photography, Performance, & Literary Artist

Samone - Fine Art Photography, Performance, & Literary Artist

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