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chromatic dance™


Dance, Folk Art, Music, Theater, Heritage

Contact: Alethea Bodine
Phone: (814) 572-7707
Erie, PA

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Originally from many corners of the world, Alethea Bodine is a practicing, professional teaching artist who has been granted the gift of evolving and dancing off the shores of Lake Erie for the passed three decades.

Artist's Statement:

The simple act of allowing oneself the space and time to learn about and explore an arts medium - without any other expectation but presence, safety and sanctuary for what is expressed - is where real learning begins and great environments for sustained growth flourish.

Real learning can only occur in a safe environment.  Without the comfort of personal investment, there is no learning or growth.  If a person is not comfortable in their skin or their environment, they may not even be able to learn things they need to survive.  In these cases, residents run the risk of losing an individual to themselves and their community.  

Learning and embracing the power and diversity of our uniqueness is paramount to our comfort and willingness to contribute.  The arts can be a powerful tool for self exploration, personal and shared validation and general empowerment.  Any arts medium can be a vehicle for learning, practice and expression. 

As the artist shares their understanding of the medium, the student draws unique context from which to build a dialog upon. Practice with the medium allows for unbiased exploration and expression. Expression allows real personal investment and consequently, growth through personal and shared learning. This is the alchemy of empowerment through the arts.

The inclusion of the arts is integral in any learning program. Art empowers us to be included in the dialog.  It inspires new dialog and allows us to be life-long learners.

chromatic dance™ is a somatic approach to learning and practicing recognized and shared dance techniques as a tool of embodied expression.

Vitae available upon request.