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Contact: Jennifer Kovach
Phone: (814) 440-6173
Email: jkovach68@gmail.com
4031 Station Rd
Erie, PA 16510

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Come join From Page to Stage, our book and theater group. Read the book that has been paired with the current Playhouse play (courtesy of Barnes & Noble); then gather at Cloud 9 after the last Sunday matinee of the month for a fantastic panel discussion on the theme of the book and play, while snacking on delicious appetizers - veggies & homemade hummus and local meat & cheese charcuterie with dips and breads. Great opportunity to start conversations!

Come join Get Lost, our silent reading group. Currently, we meet every Sunday 1-3pm at Starbucks 12th & Pittsburgh; weather permitting, we will be at Frontier Park in the grass or Presque Isle in the sand!  Perfect opportunity to read From Page to Stage books. Come and go as you please, I am there holding the space. It's free, so grab your book, find a seat, and enjoy an afternoon of reading!


The current history of Locale Book Clubs is pretty short yet. Last spring, I attended the Co.Starter program to find out what it would take to open a bookstore, and it turns out that it might not be feasible right now or maybe it is not what is needed right now. Yet I still wanted to do something with books, reading, and starting conversation about what was read...book clubs!

I met Patrick at the December's Chamber meeting, he was telling me about a program he started in Jacksonville, a book and film club, and how it was starting to really do well. He then asked me if I would be interested in starting something like that here in Erie, like a book and theater club with the Playhouse, and I said definiately! And that is how From Page to Stage was conceived.

As I was talking to people about this grand plan, I was realizing people had different versions or ideas of what a book club is. So I started Googling different kinds of book clubs and found silent reading groups! What a cool idea, people gather to just read. That is how Get Lost (get lost in reading) was conceived.

I have a vision for the literary arts in Erie, and I am looking forward to growing this initiative to promote literacy. I truly believe the way the arts culture is starting to take shape in Erie it will be truly spectatuclar. Good times!