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Arvelo Art

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Contact: Lyrica Arvelo
Phone: (814) 882-1997
Email: larvelo8811@gmail.com
Erie, Pa 16509

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    Lyrica Arvelo is the Artist behind Arvelo Art and is located in Erie Pa. Lyrica grew up with an artistic ability and has been creating since she was a child. She created Arvelo Art brand with her husband so that she could have a label and expand her art.

   For years she was creating art for special parties, baby showers and family reunions by making decorations, personalized gifts, favors and more for customers. It wasn’t until recently that Lyrica wanted to take her progression in her art more seriously and step out in creating Mixed Media Abstract Resin Art and sharing it with others.

   She is a wife, mother and Full-time artist that is dedicated to bring success to her artwork and brand while spending more time with her family and friends.

   Lyrica has learned new techniques over the years when she attended Mercyhurst University for Graphic Design and by other fellow artists from around the world on social media, she is self taught and enjoys using a combination of acrylic paints, mica powders, mixed media, recycled glass, and epoxy resin to develop her pieces. 

   Each piece that she creates is unique, one of a kind, and having a depth that will engage your curiosity to look deeper with every view. 

   Lyrica is currently attending festivals and the Erie Art Museum so she can expand further locally. A goal of hers is to have her art displayed in local businesses, hospitals and customers homes, as well as around the world.

For more of her artwork visit:

Instagram: arvelo.art

Facebook: arveloart1





Lyrica Arvelo

Lyrica Arvelo



Pink Burst Alcohol Ink Painting

Pink Burst Alcohol Ink Painting