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Esther Ortiz

Artist, CHROMA member

Folk Art, Heritage, Visual

Contact: Esther Ortiz
Phone: (814) 384-6738
Erie, PA

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Artist Statement

See Esther's work at the Hill District Flea Market located at 2518 Peach St. Erie, Pennsylvania 16507. The flea market takes place on the last Sunday of every month between May-October. Flea market dates may change due to Covid-19.

Esther is happy to handle special requests within one week of placing your order! Depending on the size and the complexity, prices range from $25 - $200.


Esther grew up in California with eight sisters. Her parents did not have much money, so they all made everything. One sister was a baker, many were musicians, another was a dress designer. Esther was the party person! Even as a young child, she would plan and make party crafts. 

Esther loves making things with my hands. She taught herself to create piñatas. Esther can make the traditional form but also piñatas of cartoon characters, wedding cakes, Air Jordan sneakers, avocados, lipstick, Mexican candy, popsicles... anything she can think of! She love thinking creatively and using her sense of humor. Esther is the only piñata maker in the region.

Esther's Artist Statement

An important part of Mexican heritage is the piñata. Piñatas started as a way to celebrate Christmas. The traditional design is a globe with seven points, each point representing one of the seven sins. Children then beat the piñata, symbolically destroying sin and then getting rewarded with the sweetness of candy. Piñatas became so popular they are used at all kinds of celebrations such as Dias de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), birthdays, even baby showers and weddings.


See Esther's Work

Esther Work Image Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear, April 2020
24" × 33"
Paper maché, cardboard, glue, tissue paper and cardstock color paper


Esther Work Image Llama

Llama, February 2020
24" × 36" 5' tall 6' long
Cardboard, tissue paper, cardstock
color paper


Esther Work Image Superhero

Super Hero, June 2020
16" × 17"
Cardboard, hot glue, tissue paper, cardstock color paper


Esther Work Image Star

Forth of July Star, July 2020
36" × 36"
Cardboard, paper maché, glue, tissue paper and cardstock color paper.


Esther Work Image Flower

Rose, May 2020
12" × 24"
Paper maché, cardboard, tissue paper

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