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Vybe Queenz


Dance, Music

Contact: Shantiva Moore
Phone: (814) 431-0035
edinboro, pa 16412

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Artist Statement


-Self Respect







       My name Tavia Moore. I am the Head Director and Choreographer for the Vybe Queenz Travel Dance Team. Our ages range from 10-17.

         Having a big successful Dance team has been my absolute dream since I can remember. Ive have tried for 5 years to start a team up but due to having epilepsy I always let my fear of this unpredictable conditiion take over what i really wanted to do in life. BUT NOT ANYMORE! I will achieve my goals and dreams no matter what it takes

        3 years ago I was approached by a very special and important force in my life Mike "HollyWood" McKinnon asking if I wanted to be a cheer coach for an basketball team he was coaching for. I wasnt really into it at first until we won our first cheer competition our first year. It was an adrenaline rush I have been chasing since I experienced that feeling. I appreciate that chance Mike has given me because without him giving me that first push to do what I love to do I would still be making excuses today.

     This dance team is about over coming adversity, confidence, empowerment, and determination behind any and everything we do. We will be looking to travel and enter as many competitions as we can afford for the approaching dance season.

This dance team will not be like any other dance team in the Erie Area I can bet on it.


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