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Contact: Terry Polonsky
Phone: (330) 540-8577
387 W.State St
Sharon, PA 16146

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I have a wide background of professional artistic and graphic design experiences. I received a BS in Art Education and a teaching certificate from Youngstown State University. I was also a Limited Service Instructor at Youngstown State University for three years teaching graphic design and advertising. I am now President of Random Acts of Artists Inc. a nonprofit organization, Chairman of the Arts Commission of the City of Sharon and a Board Member of the Sharon Beautification Commission.

My position as President of Random Acts of Artists, Inc. (RAA), a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization allows me to facilitate leading other artists in projects and events. RAA's mission statement is: “Dedicated to promoting the arts, nurturing the artists and serving the community, through open communication and mutual cooperation.” Our purpose is to share and teach each other new techniques, the use of various medias, and most importantly inspire creativity.

In addition, I have organized a writing group, “For The Love of Writing” (FLOW), and a photography group “For The Love of Photography” (FLOP). I also help to coordinate plays and workshops for another branch of RAA called “The Black Sheep Players.” This is a theater group that performs three or four plays a year. Being involved with all of these various creative disciplines keeps me engaged daily in the artistic process.

I adhere to the aesthetic principles; “Art can be found, made or imagined. The artist is the common element in all forms of art.” I believe this reflects the process that most artists go through to reach the completion of their art. It employs the mental facility to formulate a vision, the awareness to grasp the potential of the materials at hand, and the skill to combine a vision and materials into an artistic form that satisfies the will of the of the artist.






Terry Polonsky- visual artist

Terry Polonsky- visual artist

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