Imagine a region in which…

  • Culture and creativity are woven into the fabric of everyday life and are integrated into every neighborhood.
  • The region is a magnet for cultural and creative professionals where non-profit cultural organizations and for-profit creative industries can thrive. 
  • Every resident has access to opportunities to participate in, and engage with, the arts and humanities, whether socially, educationally, or economically. 
  • The arts and humanities are a part of every classroom experience. 
  • Cultural equity is leading the way to a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive community - improving the social equity and cultural vitality of the area. 
  • Culture and creativity are recognized as a leading contributor to quality of life that attracts and retains residents, business investments, and a high-quality modern workforce. 

That is Erie Arts & Culture’s vision for Erie County and Northwestern Pennsylvania. We know that the future we describe is possible with the right partners and proper resources.

Please consider making a financial gift to Erie Arts & Culture if you want to be a part of creating the described future for our region.

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