We Spark the Arts

Sharing a Passion for Arts in Education

We Spark the Arts is a connected network of engaged women who all share the spirit of philanthropy. The women who comprise this group have generously made a three year pledge at an annual level of either $100 (Pearl), $250 (Sapphire), $500 (Emerald), $1,000 (Ruby), or $2,500 (Diamond). Their gifts are an investment in childhood development by funding initiatives that provide Erie County youth with increased access to programs that foster culture and creativity.

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We Spark the Arts members
  • Bridget Barber
  • Susan Breon
  • Noel Burgoyne
  • Almi Clerkin
  • Kathleen Dahlkemper
  • Mary Ellen Dahlkemper
  • Alice De George
  • Daria Devlin
  • Donna Douglass
  • Christine Ferrier
  • Martha Hilbert
  • Amy Cuzzola-Kern
  • Nancy S. Kern
  • Amanda Kochirka
  • Renee Sima
  • Nancy S. Kern
  • Susan Kemenyffy
  • Jennifer Kovach
  • Liz Lincoln
  • Mary Lindquist
  • Christina Marsh
  • Blossom McBrier
  • Lynn McBrier
  • Deborah Murphy
  • Holly Nowak
  • Colleen Stumpf
  • Rebecca Styn
  • Judy Bloeser
  • Christina Vogel
  • Heather Yahn
  • Linda Bolla

If you would prefer to be invoiced to pay by check or you are interested in joining our Leading Ladies network, please contact Tauna Hunter, Leading Lady Steward and Chair of Erie Arts & Culture's Fund Development Committee, via email at [email protected].

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