Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies Reception
Erie Contemporary Ballet Theatre performs at the 2018 Leading Ladies Holiday Cocktail Reception.

Leading Ladies

Leading Ladies is a connected network of engaged women who all share the spirit of philanthropy. The women who comprise this group have generously made a three year pledge of either $250, $500, $1,000, or $5,000. Their gifts are an investment in childhood development by funding initiatives that provide Erie County youth with increased access to programs that foster culture and creativity.


Erie Arts & Culture Current Leading Ladies

  • Tesha Arlington-Nesbit
  • Bridget Barber
  • Susan Breon
  • Noel Burgoyne
  • Mary Ellen Dahlkemper
  • Alice DeGeorge
  • Daria Devlin
  • Donna Douglass
  • Martha Hilbert
  • Nancy Kern, Sr.
  • Amanda Kochirka
  • Jennifer Kovach
  • Elizabeth Lincoln
  • Blossom McBrier
  • Lynn McBrier
  • Christina Marsh
  • Deborah Murphy
  • Holly Nowak
  • Sharon Stoik
  • Mary Lindquist
  • Almi Clerkin
  • Colleen Stumpf
  • Rebecca Styn
  • Christie Ferrier

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