The Wind in the Willows - Meadville Community Theatre

The Wind in the Willows - Meadville Community Theatre

Mole and his friend the River Rat decide to visit the famous Toad of Toad Hall, who is as charming a gentle-toad as you could wish to meet. However, when Toad gets enthusiastic about something — well, nothing exceeds like excess, and his new enthusiasm is for motoring! Mole and Rat, unable to control their friend, seek the counsel of the wise old Badger, but in doing so, they stir up the Wildwood Gang. Poor Toad gets thrown into jail for reckless driving and polluting the quiet forest, so the Wildwood Gang and Fox move into stately Toad Hall. Fortunately, the Jail Keeper’s daughter thinks Toad is handsome, and doesn’t deserve life imprisonment, and helps him to escape. With his friends, he then sets out to recover Toad Hall!

This magnificent adaptation of Kenneth Grahame’s ebullient classic, combined with beautiful music, results in an original musical with the quality of a first-class Broadway show! Adapted by John Jakes From the book by Kenneth Grahame Music by Claire Strauch

“Wind in the Willows” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals

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