March 27


Julian Mitchell's Another Country

Set in an English public school in the early 1930's, where future leaders are being prepared for their roles in the ruling class. Guy is coming to terms with his sexuality and Tommy is a committed Marxist. As outsiders, Tommy wants to abolish the whole system of British life; Guy wants a successful career within it. Upon the discovery that a pupil has hanged himself, the senior boys try to keep the scandal away from both the parents and the outside world. Bennett pretends nonchalance but is deeply troubled by the suicide, while Judd believes the death is a symptom of the school's oppressive regime.

Adults $15.00     Students & Seniors $12.00   Children (6-11) $5.00

$1 of every admission benefits Community Shelter Services and Erie's homeless, providing, hope, help, and shelter since 1975.

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