October 22


Ben Gibson and Rosemary Lyons Exhibit - Crary Art Gallery, Warren

Ben Gibson uses botanical forms as his subject matter, exploring color and form of flowers, with an awareness of their symbolism of love, devotion, passion, happiness, and envy, as well as their use in messages of consolation, congratulations and well-being. Gibson says “a flower’s symbolism is of interest to me only as something to re-interpret while drawing or painting its visual form. I am trying to invent visual metaphorical meanings in contrast with the subject’s traditional symbolism.”

Rosemary Lyons presents a series of 23 carat gold-leafed egg tempera paintings of single flowers on board, inspired by early Medieval altarpieces. Says Lyons, “Flowers are one of the magnificent expressions of nature and seem to me to be joyous to the point of being transcendental.” The artist says she drew great inspiration from collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in its Renaissance Room, and The Cloisters medieval museum, where she was struck by the composition and art forms used. Some of the contrasts of her work include Renaissance book borders coupled with modern day text messages, and she uses actual flowers from her garden as inspiration for the egg tempera paintings she creates on altar shaped backgrounds. Some of Lyons’ works are constructed with gypsum board, and most are on the backs of cigar boxes, and have evocative words embossed onto their surfaces.

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Ben Gibson and Rosemary Lyons Exhibit - Crary Art Gallery, Warren

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