December 09



Needed: 5-6 Men 20’s – 60’s  / 5 Women 20‘s-70’s
All Roles available except Hercule Poirot (J.D. Mizikowski)

Cold readings provided.

Rehearsals begin after the first of the year.  Performance Dates: Feb 7 – Mar 1



Hercule Poirot - J.D. Mizikowski

Monsieur Bouc                       - a “Young” middle aged man, a Belgian man of good humor; playful, proud, generous; a predilection for grandeur; a whirlwind of energy

Mary Debenham                    – Late 20’s an English beauty; a governess, capable yet romantic; a sadness around her eyes and a hardness about her person.

Hector McQueen                   –30’s - American -tightly wound, edgy and nervous; he seems to always be on the verge of falling apart or coming unwound.

Michel The Conductor*         -40’s  a good-looking Frenchman, a quiet, almost grave sense of humor; unfailingly polite; 

Marcel* (Head waiter)            - snooty, smooth; must have great comic timing.  (may double As Michel)

Princess Dragomiroff             60’s- 70’s a Russian dowager; very formal, a sweeping, impressive presence; imperial, impatient.

Greta Ohlsson                         – 30’s inherently odd, and very devout Swedish woman; a frightened, sheep-like quality; 

Countess Adrenyi                  – 20’s brilliantly beautiful, like something out of a fairytale; impeccably put together, with a warmth that wins over everyone she meets; her delicacy belies a steely edge; she is no wilting flower; Hungarian accent.

Helen Hubbard                       – 50’s an outspoken and flamboyant American from the Midwest; jovial, obnoxious, domineering, deliciously nosy and brash; unapologetic; Sings!

Samuel Ratchett:                   - middle-aged American businessman, evil at heart and frightening, brusque, unforgiving, stern demeanor; pushy, domineering; 

Colonel Arbuthnot:                - 30-40s Scotsman, also middle aged, handsome, very matter of fact, occasionally tender;

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