Hosting a Teaching Artist

Schools and community organizations are eligible to host teaching artists through residencies.

What is a residency?

During residencies, artists work collaboratively with host site staff or volunteers to align their art with learning objectives and lead up to three groups of 30 participants each through a creative process. In addition to teaching their art form, teaching artists use reflection, research, presentation and/or production of art to enhance learning. Residencies typically last 10, 15, or 20 days, and intimately engage participants in short and long-term projects. Teaching artists enhance the work of classroom teachers/community coordinators and may not be used to replace staff or faculty.

How is a residency initiated?

The residency may be initiated by a teacher, an administrator, a community organization, a directory artist, or other party. Requests should be made by June of each year, but will be accepted until funding is exhausted. Funding is approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

How much does a residency cost?

The cost of a residency will vary depending on necessary supplies, the length of the residency, the artist selected, and allowable mileage and per diem (if 50 miles of more from their home to the host site). For the minimum residency length of 10 days plus a planning day, the total cost is approximately $3,000, with Erie Arts & Culture providing up to 30 percent of the artist fees. For residencies of 15 days, Erie Arts & Culture will provide up to 40 percent of the artist fees, and up to 50 percent for residencies of 20 days.

The host site can find matching funds through its own budget, district budget, PTA/PTG/PTO, booster organization, fundraising event, grants (other than from the PCA), municipal funding, corporate support, or private contributions.

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