The CHROMA Guild advances opportunities and access to resources for creative and cultural professionals of color in Northwestern Pennsylvania. The regional network builds both individual and organizational capacity by expanding equity and inclusion within the area’s cultural and creative sector.



Erie Arts & Culture defines a creative and cultural professional as any person involved in the conception, production, distribution, promotion, interpretation, or conservation of creative and cultural objects, programs, or events. Through this network, Erie Arts & Culture aims to connect and empower artists, curators, critics, producers, venue owners, promoters, and archivists who value culture and creativity in all its forms.

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CHROMA members conducted formal and social meetings during 2020.

 The CHROMA Guild progresses its objectives through four core actions, including:


  • Strengthen relationships with fellow creative and cultural professionals of color.
  • Establish relationships with cultural and creative organizations, institutions, and venues.
  • Cultivate relationships with cultural consumers and patrons of the arts.
  • Identify and leverage relationships with allies.
  • Build relationships within neighborhoods and communities.
  • Formalize relationships with regional media outlets.

Continuing Education

  • Encourage participation in professional development and creative workshops.
  • Create opportunities for knowledge sharing, such as mentoring and apprenticeships
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In September of 2020, CHROMA Members Leslie C. Sotomayor and Antonio Howard worked on the mural at the Wholefoods Co-op in Erie, PA. The theme was food access and social justice.


  • Promote self determination among members of CHROMA.
  • Build a roster of creative and cultural professionals of color who live and work in the region, categorized by mediums and disciplines.
  • Meet with cultural and creative organizations, institutions, and venues to create agency around adopting plans to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion sector-wide. 
  • Host conversations and panel discussions that explore the intersectionality of art, race, and identity.
  • Submit opinion pieces and editorials to regional media companies for publication and distribution. 

Advancing Opportunities

  • Curate and present collaborative and interdisciplinary exhibitions of work.
  • Secure opportunities to conceptualize, create, and install public art.
  • Encourage recurring studio visits and group critiques.
  • Share information about upcoming regional opportunities, including exhibitions, events, and job openings.
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CHROMA Member Samone Johnson leads a community input session as part of her Creating With Community artist residency.

2021 Officers

Annually, the CHROMA Guild elects Officers to serve in leadership roles. Officers help set strategic priorities and advance the work of the guild. Officers for 2022 include:
VP of Visual Arts/Mixed Media - Emidalys Serrano

VP of Performing Arts - Jermaine Beason

VP of Literary Arts - Mabel Howard

VP of Functional/Commercial Arts - Armando Reyes

VP of Folk/Traditional Arts - Lourdes Jasso 
Secretary - Courtney Pettis
Erie Arts & Culture Staff Liaison - DaVona Pacley
Erie Arts & Culture Board Liaison - Rhonda Matthews



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