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Gather with other creative and cultural professionals and the EAC team for an evening of networking! These monthly meet-ups are designed to provide a friendly and casual space to foster stronger personal and professional connections within the creative and cultural sector. The recurring program will take place the second Tuesday of every month from 5:30 - 7:30. Host sites will rotate from month to month to allow for new experiences and connections.


  • Free and open to creative and cultural professionals.
  • No seminars or any specific programming - just show up with a desire to connect!
  • The goal is to create stronger connections and bonds, especially between disciplines and roles, to improve the breadth and strength of our sector.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages provided.

Thank you to our sponsorship, Erie County Build a Better Future Grant, for supporting the Creative Crowd!!

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2023 Hosts

Precious Thompson

Precious Thompson is a self-taught artist, activist, and mental health advocate located in Erie, PA. She enjoys trying and learning new things—creative or otherwise. Her passion, however, is human connection—creating it, facilitating it, and nurturing it. She has a demonstrated history of working with diverse populations in the mental health care industry and giving back to her community in meaningful ways. After graduating from Edinboro University in 2022, Precious found herself working in a new field, at Whitethorn Games as a Quality Assurance Agent. “Video games—to-me—are an art form just as much as painting, or music, or poetry. It's almost like they’re all those things at once when done well, and it makes for an incredible environment to foster human connection and creation.”

A firm believer in “create for creation’s sake,” through her platform Precious tries to encourage others to be true to themselves in a world where it seems everyone is pushed to become the exact same thing. Acceptance, kindness, and human rights are her guiding principles, and she is no stranger to speaking up and speaking out. Precious is dedicated to being the change she would like to see in the world.

IG: @preshatostart (as in Press A to Start, like a video game!)

Jess Royer

Jess Royer (she/her) is a small business owner, community organizer, and musician from Erie, PA. Over time, she has nurtured her passion for intuitive healing. Beginning her formal training by studying with herbalist Leah Wolfe, MPH, Royer has built a successful independent business specializing in herbal tea blends.

 Her company, Sacred Ayla was created, in her words, by “a desire to make others feel seen, heard, and appreciated.” Crafting blends ranging from anxiety soothers to immunity boosters, Royer began with a stable of dedicated local clients, and has turned it into a nationwide base that continues to thrive.

She arrived at the company name when – during her tenure at the Erie Food Co-op – a customer noted that she reminded them of the main character in Jean M. Auel’s The Clan of the Cave Bear, who foraged for herbs for her village. Royer took that process to heart, one that has always felt distinctly sacred to her, and with the character’s name, Sacred Ayla was born. 

Expertly assembling natural ingredients, Sacred Ayla’s blends foster wellness and strengthen the connection between mind, body, and soul. That relationship is also deeply at work with her music. She’s been voted Erie’s Best Vocalist (as well as being a 40 Under 40 honoree), and has performed all over the region, be it solo, full-band, or with her longtime musical collaborator and best friend, Nick Warren. With a lush, velvety alto voice, her original songs combine classic jazz sounds, modern indie rock, and timeless, heartfelt honesty. 

In addition to all of that, Royer is a Community Organizer at Radius CoWork. Finding professional mentors like Amanda Duncan and Sean Fedorko, Royer has helped usher in a new era at the downtown entrepreneurial hub. Located on the ninth floor of the Renaissance Centre, Radius is filled with like minded creatives and local business leaders. An epicenter of Erie’s innovators, Royer has helped draw its members closer together than ever before, and she’s happy to do it.

You can find Jess on instagram @QweenSoul, and online at

Kelvin Sanchez

Kelvin Sanchez better known to most as K Sanz. An artist, plain and simple. 

K Sanz is one of Erie’s brighter lights. As a photographer/cinematographer Sanz has captured some of the most iconic moments in Erie’s eccentric recent history. Capturing jaw dropping moments from the 2020 protest/riots. Also working with music industry established talent. 

The camera isn’t where it stops. K Sanz also has a budding music career. He’s had collaborations with artists such as “The Game”. His therapeutic voice and a care free message in the music has created an online following that has been growing consistently. 

You guys thought that was it? NOPE! K Sanz is a contributing designer to the Holy Savage clothing brand based in Florida. Guess what? K Sanz ALSO creates digital based art, making original pieces that sell as home decor! 

Raised in a home of first generation Puerto Ricans. Kelvin’s artistic influences came very early. The home was always full of musicians having jam sessions with his father. Listening and creating his own versions of music. Music started early and was always his first love.

Drawing and painting just happened out of the need to create. Books filled with characters, reimagined cars, and the discovery of anime. Kelvin’s school work had more art work than math problems. The desire to paint kept on escalating towards a larger canvas. This is when he ventured into Graffiti. A van full of spray paint and an imagination full of ideas.

With art always being present and influential it was no surprise that Kelvin would pursue a career in it. As a full time photographer/cinematographer it allows for creativity to always stay at the forefront. 

IG: @ksanzproductions

All events are subject to potential cancellation due to COVID concerns.
After registering for an event, you'll receive an email from Eventbrite if the meet-up is cancelled for that month.
Please register in advance as capacity for each event is limited.

2023 Locations and Dates



Register for February here

March 14, 2023 Basement Transmissions

April 11, 2023 Erie Art Museum

May 9, 2023 10/20 Collective

June 13, 2023 FEED

July 11, 2023 Goodell Gardens & Homestead

Aug 8, 2023 Erie Clayspace

Sep 12, 2023 City Gallery

Oct 10, 2023 MenajErie Studios

Nov 14, 2023 Neighborhood Arts House

Dec 12, 2023 Erie Center for Arts and Technology (ECAT)

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