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How to Fund Creative Projects by Engaging Stakeholders

Creative Placemaking Specialist and Arts Advocate Kady Yellow led a highly informative one-hour session to learn the nuanced world of stakeholder support and face the age-old challenge of funding your imagination and creativity. Yellow has spoken on similar topics at the Global Mural Conference, Statewide Conference on MI Downtowns, Placemaking Week, and the Creative Placemaking Summit. Yellow addressed stakeholder management, how to establish trust and gain supporters for your project and shared key pointers for artists on how to better understand the business of the art world. Yellow provided behind-the-scenes industry knowledge after working in New York and Los Angeles on how to think through grants, identify opportunities for revenue, and how to navigate the constantly evolving world of arts funding.

An Artist's Introduction to Trello

This PRO Network webinar teaches about how artists can use a popular Project Management tool to make their creative process easier! This webinar was lead by EAC's Creative Director, Jade Mitchell.

Trello is a powerful online tool that can help artists stay organized and plan ahead with their creative projects and goals! Whether it's storing receipts and contracts, tracking the status of a project, storing your branding materials, collaborating with other artists or assistants, or keeping an up-to-date calendar of due dates, Trello has all of your management tools in one location.

Artist Contracts: What to Consider Including in Yours

Erie Arts & Culture hosted a webinar led by Obi Umunna about the critical points for consideration when drafting an artist contract.

When entering into a new project, it's important that your collaborators or clients know the terms and conditions under which you will perform your work. Artist contracts are a critical tool in clearly communicating expectations, timelines, deliverables, and compensation. 

Giving and Receiving Feedback: Tips for Artists and their Collaborators

Beehive Dramaturgy Studio presented a webinar about giving and receiving creative feedback.

Whether you’re an artist, producer, audience member, or anyone else involved in a creative process, at some point you’re likely to find yourself on one side or another of a feedback session. For many artists, having audiences and observers reflect back to them what they have experienced is useful, but how do you elicit and parse those candid comments? And for those offering feedback, how can you utilize your experience of the work to best support the artist in achieving their vision? Beehive Dramaturgy Studio cofounders Molly Marinik and Jeremy Stoller offer some tips for how to make the most of feedback, including starting things off, developing a shared vocabulary, and approaching feedback in various collaborative contexts, so that everyone is moving forward together in the most productive and seamless way possible.

The Mechanics of Sustaining a Creative Life

Sharon Louden presented "The Mechanics of Sustaining a Creative Life." Sharon Louden is an artist, educator, editor, and the Artistic Director of the Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution. She is also a strong advocate for artists, having launched a series of books in 2013 entitled Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, each a collection of essays by 40 working artists written in a straight-forward style about how they continue to sustain their creative lives. 

Self-Publishing 101 - Merchandising Your Words

In this webinar Ebony Payne English covered the basics of self-publishing from start to finish. We discussed the process of pulling an idea from the intangible realm of thought and manifesting it into a palpable product. Ebony presented her concepts for effective marketing strategies, best platforms for self-publishing, and how to create a project of value and impact to your community.

Turning Your Talent into Sustained Success

Ulysses Owens Jr. is a drummer, creative entrepreneur, performer, author, and educator. Ulysses Owens Jr. goes the limit in the jazz world and beyond. His passion for career development and creative entrepreneurship has taken him around the world as a lecturer helping students identify their purpose, and how to navigate this ever-changing terrain entrepreneurially as a creative.

Ulysses presented an overview of the concepts included in his newly published book, "The Musician's Career Guide: Turning Your Talent into Sustained Success," which is presently the "#1 New Release" on Amazon! This book will serve as a textbook for various Music Business and Career Development programs around the world.

Connected Narratives

Kedgar Volta hosted a conversation centered around three pieces of seemingly different works that have a common underlying foundation. The first piece dates back to 2013 and the most recent one is still in the works. Kedgar explored the process behind each piece and their evolution as they progress to completion.

Filing Taxes for Freelance Creatives

Are you a freelance Creative and have questions about filing your taxes? This PRO Network was led by David J. Herbe Jr., CPA, MAcc.

Content, Craft, and Purpose

Visual artist and professor Dustin Harewood led a discussion about genres of fine art and craft, and the reasons why artists make what they do. This PRO Network presentation was designed to encourage a deep level of thinking about one's creative practice and the processes and materials they employ.

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