Managing Your Award

Q: What are the legal requirements for accepting an award?

A: Disbursement of Erie Arts & Culture grant funds is done upon receipt of a signed grant award agreement. By signing the grant award agreement, you (the grantee) affirm that you will use the awarded funds solely for the purpose described in your approved application. Any funds not spent in accordance with the project, as outlined in the approved application, must be returned or reimbursed to Erie Arts & Culture. You are required to maintain records of all project expenditures under this grant in the event of an audit by Erie Arts & Culture.

Individual artists, community groups and organizations that receive Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) funding are also subject to the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts’ General Provisions and Terms & Conditions for grantees.

Q: How should Erie Arts & Culture and/or the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts be acknowledged for the funding support?

A: We ask that you include the Erie Arts & Culture logo on all marketing materials such as event fliers, posters, direct mail, display ads, etc. For use of the Erie Arts & Culture logo, please download the file type or format that best suits your needs: JPG or PDF.

When possible, please include an acknowledgment of the funding support of Erie Arts & Culture in any printed programs, press releases or advertisements for the project in addition to an oral announcement at the event.  See your grant award agreement for specific acknowledgement language. Grantees receiving PPA funding are also required to acknowledge the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

Q: Will Erie Arts & Culture help promote grant-funded projects?

A: Yes. In an effort to promote your event and your relationship with Erie Arts & Culture, we encourage you to submit event information to our marketing staff for submission on the event calendar and inclusion in social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and enews. Permissions and photograph release forms are the sole responsibility of the grantee.

Q: What happens after a project is finished?

A: Upon completion of your grant-funded project, please submit a final narrative and financial report to Erie Arts & Culture using one of two online grant management systems. Erie Arts & Culture Project Grant awardees can access the online final report form at, while our Pennsylvania Partners on the Arts awardees can access an online final report form at In addition to providing a project summary and budget, you will also be asked to upload copies of newspaper articles, programs, and other support documents pertaining to the project. Final reports are due no later than thirty days following completion of the project as specified in the approved application, or thirty days after the close of the grant period.