Virtual Studio Visits

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Virtual Studio Visits: A glimpse into your creative world.

As an artist, your marketing and promotional items are extremely important. In a digital world, sometimes a photo gallery just isn't enough to explain the amazing work that you do. Video is a fantastic and dynamic medium to use to showcase and explain your work, your space, and yourself - all at the same time. We invite you to create a video where our audience can step into your space and take a look at your process as you explain your background, path as a creative, current projects, and what ver else you would like to share. Think of this as a virtual presentation. 

As you develop and lead a virtual presentation, we are here to provide guidance about defining your artist statement, elaborating on your process, and the themes you explore through their work. When your video presentation is complete.

As far as the technical aspects of creating a video, you may have many questions including: what lighting is best? Do I need special equipment? How long should my video be? What should I include in my video? This page is here to help you get started.

Your Virtual Studio Visit should include:

Personal background (education and/or life experiences related to creative practice)

Path as a creative (experience to date in the art world)

Work samples (photos, videos, or audio excerpts)

Artist statement ( what works of others inspire you or inform your work? what processes do you employ? what themes or ideas do you explore through your work?)

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To the right, you will see a video interview with artist Sharon Norwood.

Sharon Norwood is an interdisciplinary Artist whose work spans several media to include painting and ceramic. Norwood is a graduate from Florida State University with an MFA in studio Art, and a BFA in Painting from the University of South Florida. Her work has been exhibited in several Biennials including the Jamaica, Atlanta and Florida Biennial. Her exhibition record includes Florida, Georgia, Baltimore, Kansas City, Washington, New York, Canada, South Korea, Jamaica and Germany. Norwood is the recipient of numerous honors including the Exceptional Opportunity Award, the Andy McLaughlin Memorial Award and the Jim Boone Endowed Art Scholarship from Florida State University.

Sharon's video is a great example because she delves into various topics that are significant to a successful studio space. She discusses the best practices regarding documenting her work to best represent herself as an artist as well as advice on when to say yes or no to work opportunities. Decisions made based on balance while recognizing her career as a commercial artist is still a work in progress and there will be constant learning.